Robyn ‘Dancehall Queen’ Viral Video

Konichiwa, bitches! While the Body Talk tour is manifesting itself now over in the US and NOT Australia, here’s a little video appetiser to tide you over the new year.

‘Dancehall Queen’ is that minimalist reggae wind down taken from Body Talk Pt. 1 and here we see the track’s producer Diplo, stepping behind the camera as the video’s co-director. This should be wild.

Disclaimer: this video does not actually feature Robyn.

The idea is very much like the little viral promos she dropped for ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Robot Boy’ – quirky, peculiar things with glimmers of socio-cultural observations for us thinkers to masticate on.

Here are three chin-strokingly ace moments in the ‘Dancehall Queen’ clip:

1) SARS alert.

This bitch came to class prepared. She don’t care if she’s the only one rocking a face mask there. She’ll be the last one snapping when ya’ll drop like flies.

2) Karaoke.

There’s some kind of cultural reference to be made here.

3) Flexing ass cheeks.

DAMN, this ho is not one to be played with. My lips were literally quivering in that sequence where you see her butt muscles do the Mexican wave.


Robyn just added more UK and Sweden dates to her tour, bringing the show schedule up to the end of March. So much for that teaser of jump starting her tour here in February. Sigh!


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