The Making of Robyn’s ‘Indestructible’ Dress

I could sit and watch this dress inhale and exhale coloured fluids all day.

Genius bombshell Australian artist Lucy McRae is the lady behind Robyn‘s tube dress in the ‘Indestructible’ video and here she talks about powering the outfit and the creative philosophy behind this “dynamic textile”.

Watch the making of the dress and feel your brain shrivel in awe of these creative minds:

Here are some quick facts about powering the dress and filming the video. It took:

– 1.2 kilometres of plumbing tubing
– Over 150 connectors on the back of Robyn‘s jumper
– 6 buckets of coloured fluid
– Two machines
– Garden hose connectors
– 22 hours of shooting


Any chance of releasing an alternate version of the ‘Indestructible’ video starring just Robyn and Lucy‘s now iconic tube dress?

I’m already thinking of ways we can hook it up to a mini generator that’s discreetly hidden beneath a corset so she can wear it on stage.


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