Alexandra Burke ‘The Silence’ Live on X Factor

I’m sorry, who was that on stage?

Folks, just a little heads up. Alexandra Burke is in the house performing her continent-splitting mega ballad ‘The Silence’. But there’s a shitload levitating over the stage so you might not actually notice that she’s back on the X Factor until the big notes come out.

Here are three welcomed distractions during the 2008 winner’s homecoming performance:

1) I only see… Naomi Campbell’s hairline.

Is that hair line reaching out to the aerialists? Never mind. This sleek silky mane was really there to throw you off your search for Alexandra‘s eyebrows.

2) I only see… gravity-defying violinists.

There you have the only instance where miming is tolerated on the X Factor stage. Oh, and the odd occassion where Cheryl Cole‘s up there pimping a single.

3) I only see… a flying mumu.

Now here comes the brain teaser. Did she have the cables attached from the start or was there some sort of stage sorcery involved when the cameras were zoomed out and pointing away?


Top marks for effort but less could’ve been more for the gorgeous singer and ballad. The new single mix of ‘The Silence’ and Overcome Deluxe edition are both out in the UK this week.

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