Jessica Mauboy Live on YouTube Session

Sasha Fierce need not worry tonight, the wig stays safely unsnatched in this stripped back sesh.

Here’s our R&B princess Jessica Mauboy launching the inaugural Aussie YouTube Sessions with an intimate performance up in Sydney. There’s a decent belting of the mid tempos from her current Get ‘Em Girls album but alas, no sign of any tracks from her Been Waiting debut.

Here’s the set list in case you need to skip a couple:

1 – Get ‘Em Girls
2 – Maze (4:10)
3 – Like This (8:20)
4 – Can Anybody Tell Me (12:12)
5 – No One Like You (16:45)
6 – What Happened To Us? (21:06)
7 – Reconnected (24:32)
8 – Scariest Part (28:30)
9 – Saturday Night (32:11)

The sesh is wisely stocked with all the ballads that translate well with a live band but after hearing her close with the banging ‘Saturday Night’, you’re kinda left wishing she had gone on for another twenty minutes lighting up some more uptempos.

Prime warbles to look out for: ‘Scariest Part’ (compulsory viewing), the acoustic version of ‘Can Anybody Tell Me’ and ‘No One Like You’.


Look out for Jessica‘s next single ‘What Happened To Us?’ featuring Jay Sean. The video’s already been shot in Sydney, so a drop date must be imminent in the new year.



  1. Limmy what do you think of YouTube live sessions? Is it worth having an Aussie version?

    • I’d love to see the Aussie version take off but it’s only fair if we get a proper representation of the kind of talent Australia is producing.

      Like, I’d love to see proper balance of indie bands and pop artists on the conglomerate label rosters.

      • My worry would be they’d only cover random pop star wannabees that are never going to make it, instead of indie bands with plenty of talent.

      • What are you talking about? Did someone confirm Scarlett Belle’s doing a sesh?

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