Avril Lavigne “Goodbye Lullaby” Album Details

Somebody must’ve reached out for mediation with her label because the much-delayed Avril comeback is finally on its way.

Goodbye Lullaby will be the Canadian bubblegum rocker’s first album in over four years. Christ, it’s felt longer than that. Like, longer to the point where I swear I could’ve reared a child and seen it through high school before this album drops. Maybe that’s saying something about Avril‘s waning relevance in the pop market.

The album sees her reuniting with hitmaker Max Martin and other collaborators – like ex-hubby/ex-Sum 41 Deryck Whibley, long time guitarist Evan Taubenfield, and producer Butch Walker (Pink, Katy Perry) – for a “more raw and organic sound”.

There’s reportedly a smattering of rawk energy on tracks like ‘What The Hell’ and ‘Stop Standing There’, as well as vulnerable balladry on ‘Smile’, ‘Push’ and the aptly-titled divorce closure song, ‘Goodbye’.

Check out the album tracklisting as posted on her website:

1 – Black Star
2 – What The Hell
3 – Push
4 – Wish You Were Here
5 – Smile
6 – Stop Standing There
7 – I Love You
8 – Everybody Hurts
9 – Not Enough
10 – 4 Real
11 – Darlin’
12 – Remember When
13 – Goodbye
14 – Alice [Hidden track]


Goodbye Lullaby is out in Australia on 4 March 2011. This should be interesting. Are we all worried that the artwork’s indicating a veer to more folksy and Taylor Swiftey regions?



  1. so good very beautiful piccc and album fromm herr i luv you:*:*

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