BBC Sound of 2011 Shortlist

The prestigious crystal ball shortlist every trendsetter wants to inspect is finally here.

The BBC‘s annual Sound of… short list is a picking of breaking artists to watch out for in the indie/pop sphere, compiled by music crits and industry figures.

Past winners they’ve voted on have all been pretty right on the money – Mika (2007), Adele (2008), Little Boots (2009) and Ellie Goulding (2010) – with even the runner ups like, Marina & The Diamonds, Florence + The Machine and Hurts, usually following the same self-fulfilling prophecy of success.

Here’s the 15 acts shortlisted for the Sound of 2011:

The Naked and Famous
Jessie J
James Blake
Anna Calvi
Esben and The Witch
Clare Maguire
Jai Paul
The Vaccines
Jamie Woon
Wretch 32

I’m not even gonna chin stroke and pretend like I recognise most of these acts but the two I’ve heard audio fruits of – The Naked and Famous, and Jessie J – both sound promising.

The probability of success after topping this list is a no brainer, really. If the industry peeps and crits have already crowned you as an early favourite then the attention and inherently positive reviews are likely to eventuate with the cycle.


The top five acts and winner of the list will be announced next month.



  1. Interesting list this year I’ve only heard of James Blake, the Naked and Famous and Warpaint all three very different artists but all deserving I think of taking out top spot.

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