X Factor UK Feed: The Finals

Everything comes to a grinding halt for the UK X Factor finals this weekend.

The live show finale this week saw our final four make emotional returns to their home towns complete with family meet ‘n’ greet, school appearances and fireworks-ridden red carpet arrivals for their homecoming gig.

This week our finalists will perform one last live show song each followed by a duet with their global superstars. And holy fark, the four duet partners lined up don’t get any bigger than this.

Check the grand pairing:

Matt Cardle with Rihanna, performing ‘Unfaithful’.
Rebecca Ferguson with Christina Aguilera, performing ‘Beautiful’.
One Direction with Robbie Williams, performing ‘She’s The One’
Cher Lloyd with will.i.am, performing ‘Where Is The Love/ I Gotta Feeling’.

Looks great on paper and worth a million clicks just to see the star struck expressions on our contestants’ faces but as always with these X Factor celeb duets, there’s that touch of awkwardness and underpreparation. Poor Rebecca was left so stunned that Aggie had to warble out her missed cues.

That aside, let’s check out who made the final three, who stole the show this week and for the very last time – here’s a Kleenex – Feed Limmy‘s X Factor bitch please moments.

Who brought it:

Rebecca Ferguson – the blossom of this year’s series – had us swooning with this graceful rendition of Corinne Bailey Rae‘s ‘Like A Star’. Geniusly fitting song choice redelivered with such elegance and, did I mention there are rose petals gently drifting down? Class.

Matt Cardle picked up the guitar and turned his intimate pub gig swag on with Dido‘s ‘Here With Me’. Then the screen slides open to reveal a gathering of oddly veiled violinists and it was all over.

The Final 16 performance of ‘What A Feeling’ saw Cher Lloyd owning her fierce rap breakdown – quick question: did she write that part? – followed by Rebecca Ferguson giving uncharacteristically roaring vocals and Matt Cardle rocking a key change. They got all the lost causes – Aiden, TreyC, Paige and Katie – to open the song but um, where the fuck was Mary Byrne? That part Wagner‘s warbling should’ve been her’s.

Bitch please moments:

The. Most. Gloriously MAC-ed up ham to ever grace the X Factor stage. Learn to handle this and keep a napkin handy should a drool escape your mouth with every flash of Aggie‘s Christmas lunch perfection thighs.

Matt Cardle sweltering under Rihanna‘s hawtness. Dude looked like he just came twice in the time it took for RiRi to take three steps.

Uncle Robbie welcomes One Direction into the boy bands club with a little huddle.

Tales to tell your children: when the Matron of The Men’s Gallery met Liverpool’s Soul Siren.

I’m making Christmas cards for everyone with these snaps. Merry Channii Xmas to all!

“There’d be singers that come visit and I remember looking at them feeling like I couldn’t get an autograph ’cause I wasn’t good enough…” – Rebecca does school gig, spins dreams-do-come-true drivel, and brings on the flahwwwd.


Sharpen your brow pencils and hit pause on your Pink Friday record for a sec. You’re gonna wanna hear this.

And so it’s come to this. The long-stretched out battle for the X Factor crown has finally reached its twilight phase and with that, we bid KTHXBAI to the last live show cast-off: Cher Lloyd.

I’ve always loved me some of this ghetto fabulous chav and will continue to support her career but it was evident from the start that she could never win this. It’s no fault of hers. Just the nature of the game. Cher Lloyd and her femmecee style was never mass appealing enough to win her the nation’s affection.

Having said that, young Cher would have to be the most exciting and original contestant to ever come out of X Factor. Period. She comes across utterly fearless with a stage presence that commands and endears, at times, with vulnerability. SyCo is almost guaranteed to snap her up and I hope it’ll afford her to work with the titans in the game.

It’ll be a great disservice to Cher and her fans to have her rush out a tepid and safe record. Bring on the chavvy hood, bring on the hard-hitting rap and feed us some delicately emotive vocal tracks while you’re at it. The stakes continue to be raised for Cher Lloyd.

Winners’ single rumours:

As previously reported – Simon Cowell‘s apparently opted for four individual winners’ singles this year, as opposed to the traditional feat of having the finalists record their version of the same song.

Digital Spy is now touting that the winners’ singles are as follows:

Matt Cardle ‘Many of Horror’ (Biffy Clyro cover)
Rebecca Ferguson ‘Distant Dreamer’ (Duffy cover)
One Direction ‘Forever Young’ (Alphaville cover)
Cher Lloyd ‘Impossible’ (Shontelle cover)

Impeccable and appropriate song choices, and isn’t it refreshing to see an album track elected there? Can I just say, if the Cher selection was true, I’d need to be excused so I can run to a corner and start rocking and crying to myself.

Expect for all to be revealed on tomorrow’s post: the X Factor winner, winning single and a series recap: *puts on Oprah voice* THA BEST of X FACTOR 2010!



  1. Oh. Em. Gee. i totally was a nerd this morning at 9am watching every single performance and then watched Cher leave without spoilers! was sooo frikken nerve racking and totally doing it tomorrow. I always will love rebecca, but her duet was abit ho-hum for me (esp when i compare to Alex Burke and Beyonce). and i like Matt and Rihanna’s duet was damn hot!! i totally was into them both!!! It’s way to close to call! i’m so excited!!!

  2. I don’t think any celeb duet so far can hold a candle to Alex and B’s ‘Listen’… I really need for Rebecca to win this now. If it goes to Matt, then great. Whatevs. Not gonna kick up a fuss but a vocalist like Rebecca only comes once every few years…

    Totally can’t wait to watch the winner announcement! Almost don’t wanna go to work tomorrow just so I can be there and LIVE THE MOMENT. Haha!

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