Chart Feed – 13.12.10

Bruno Mars‘ scores his second consecutive Aussie #1 single with ‘Grenade’ rocketing to the top spot this week. On the flip side, the esteemed songwriter’s Doo-Wops & Hooligans LP, which peaked at #7 earlier, has come throttling back into the Top 20. My favourite BruMars shout out this week comes courtesy of New York Times writer Jon Caramanica who described the hit maker as, “one of the most versatile and accessible singers in pop… that fit a range of styles, a universal donor.” Get me some of that.

Wynter Gordon – mah gurl – sees her breakthrough single ‘Dirty Talk’ enter the main Aussie charts at #49 this week thanks to the Stereosonic gigs and quick promo stopover. Have you run your eyeballs through our interview chat yet? Single number two has yet to be decided but the long awaited album – With The Music I Die – is set for a March due date.

Sarah McLeod‘s new single ‘Love & Honour’ debuts at #36 on the Aussie club charts this week. I’ve yet to check out the new choon so let me get back to ya’ll on this one. Elsewhere, Daft Punk‘s Tron: Legacy soundtrack debuts at #31 this week. Dance music meisters, is it worth checking out?

Black Eyed Peas need to watch their backs now because this is one weave you shouldn’t have tugged at. The Peas’ heinous new single ‘The Time (Dirty Bit)’ has edged up to #1 on the UK charts this week, criminally denying Willow Smith the honour of being the youngest UK chart topper since Little Jimmy Osmond in 1972. ‘Whip My Hair’ is the highest charting new entry there, debuting at #2. Get ready for da take ova!

Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Poison’ has made a worrying slip from its #3 debut to #10 in the UK this week. Elsewhere, the X Factor reign finally lets up with the charity single ‘Heroes’ slipping from #1 to #7 while last year’s alumni, Olly Murs‘ new single ‘Thinking of Me’ dips to #8.

Cher Lloyd‘s warble for survival last week inadvertently boosted sales for Britney‘s ‘Everytime’, bringing the song up to #56. Yet another positive example of how the X Factor continues to breathe life into forgotten classics.

Alexandra Burke‘s continent-shifting ballad ‘The Silence’ copped a sales surge after last week’s X Factor performance, creating a downloads blast off from #126 to #16 in the UK this week. The Overcome Deluxe edition saw the LP throttling from #58 to #22 on the charts. The concept of re-releases bore me now. Gurl, do right by us and give us a new EP or something we can really bump to.

My future boo Joe McElderry [Editor’s note: surely the name check is superfluous now? All Feed Limmy readers know who you’re talking about.] saw his new single ‘Someone Wake Me Up’ languish at a #68 debut this week, despite all the Narnia-related hype and constant radio promos around the country. Seriously. I’m about to flip the desk on somebody.

Michael Jackson and Akon‘s ‘Hold My Hand’ debuts at #10 in the UK this week. I’ll have you know Feed Limmy is completely anti this blatant exploitation of The King’s legend. These leftover demos and incomplete tracks obviously never earned Michael‘s stamp of approval when he was still moonwalking the earth. Everything about these posthumous releases stink of utter disrespect for his artistry.

Tinie Tempah and Kelly Rowland‘s anthemic ‘Invincible’ debuts at #64 this week. Queens take note of Tinie‘s stylish black sequined jacket in the video. I’mma make some contacts over in Hong Kong and Korea to get a similar one tailored for next year’s Christmas party.

Duffy‘s Endlessly album slips from #9 to #19 in the UK. Well, well, well indeed, bitch. You know somebody’s gonna be upset. Elsewhere, Nelly Furtado‘s Best of compilation slips from #53 to #100 in the UK after just two weeks in. *Tumbleweeds*

Katy Perry scores her third consecutive US #1 single with ‘Firework’ edging to the top spot this week. Kitty is absolutely unstoppable now that Gaga‘s retreated to ready her sophomore album. Just as well because when Mother Monster strikes back, it’s gonna be bigger than the apocalypse. There’s already all this talk of “next level stuff”, especially after label head Ralph Simon revealed that Gaga‘s forthcoming Born This Way album will feature songs recorded in six languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portugese, Hindi and Russian. Mind blown.

Justin Bieber‘s My Worlds Acoustic album sits at… I can’t even. I’m sorry. Grab your free LOLZ here.


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