Scarlett Belle ‘Lover Boy’ Music Video

I’m gonna preach the good word about this Scarlett Belle single.

The last two I can’t really get behind because, despite what you think, I do have standards but ‘Lover Boy’ is all right shades of fluoro summer pop for me.

You can tell King Kyle‘s invested a little more dough on this video and while it’s a simple plot of two broads writhing it up at a stylish pool party, it looks remarkably tasteful and well, Sydney upmarket.

Here are three highlights from the Belles’ pool party:

1) Tamara Jaber’s seductive wonk eye.

This bitch is sneaking her way back into my good books. [Editor’s note: Limmy’s lying. He’s always been a closet Jaber stan.] A part of me still thinks her whole split with Vile Kyle is some sort of twisted publicity stunt because why would the radio Yogi let go of this hot piece? True talk: Tamara‘s never looked better, even when she’s sweating us with that seductive wonk eye of hers.

2) Now I’m listening.

3) The Other One.

Not enough love is given to Reigan, really. The one-time Australian Idol contestant’s come a long way from her talent show days – even if it’s conveniently airbrushed from the duo’s bio – and she’s still gotta take crap living in Tamara‘s shadow. Reigan luv, all the way.


‘Lover Boy’ has yet to chart in the ARIA Top 100 despite having acceptable levels of radio support. It’s time somebody slipped a nip.


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