X Factor UK Feed: The Winner & Best of 2010

Mother England has spoken and today she crowns her latest X Factor winner.

Pub gig performer and all round nice bloke Matt Cardle has been the bookies’ favourite to win the series all year. And so it’s come as no surprise that after weeks of tugging at heart strings with his spine-tingling falsettos and acoustic guitar-wielding performances, the painter/decorator shuts down the competition.

Watch Matt‘s crowning moment here:

Damn. There’s breaking down with grace and dignity, and then there’s breaking down like blokes do. You can just hear the collective ‘awww’s emanating from every living room when Matt loses it in the boys’ huddle at the end of his performance.

During the entire ten-week live show battle, the strummy la la singer has not once been rendered to the bottom two. In fact, according to Digital Spy‘s report on the voting figures, Cardle has topped the polls every week except for week one (which went to Tesco Empress Mary). Runner up Rebecca Ferguson has consistently been the second favourite since week five (except for Beatles week when Katie Waissel outpolled her).

Be upstanding as we applaud the flawless blossom of the competition. Even though I am upset that she didn’t take the crown, I know Rebecca‘s going to make timeless music and grow into that international recording artiste everybody sees in her. No question about it.

The Liverpool soul siren warbled her elected winners’ single – a cover of Duffy‘s ‘Distant Dreamer’ (see above) – and a dignified rendition of Eurythmics‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ tonight, closing the chapter on what has been a breath-taking and consistent run on the X Factor. A vocalist like Rebecca really only comes around in these competitions once every ten years.

Matt Cardle‘s winner’s single ‘When We Collide’ (originally titled as ‘Many of Horror’ by Biffy Clyro) is up for download in the UK now and physical single should hit stores tomorrow. Could this be a well-recovered X Factor chart topper after the disaster of last year’s sabotage that robbed my innocent future boo Joe McElderry of a #1 single?

Just as every pub in the nation wells up with tears, cheers and beers in honour of our flat cap wearing winner – let’s take a moment to reminisce on the electrifying series that’s been.

There’s definitely been a heavy hand of modification and upsizing in this series: everything from the raised age limits in the solo categories through to the judges forming bands on the show for the first time (One Direction and Belle Amie), then lifting the velvet rope to include 16 acts in the live shows, and finally, the introduction of four individual winners’ singles.

What’s been the greatest hit for me this year is having late brekky every Sunday (we live in the land Down Under, remember?) with the live show performances on YouTube, and just being treated to some of the most unique vocalists and performers I’ve ever heard gathered in one series of a talent competition.

Here’s Feed Limmy‘s pick of pack – the unforgettable performances and our favourite bitch please moments in season seven of UK X Factor.

X Factor UK 2010 – unforgettable performances:

Cher Lloyd – Stay

An iconic moment in the competition when the young femmecee dimmed her swag and unveiled a vulnerable side for the first time in this tear-jerking vocal performance.

Rebecca Ferguson – Why Don’t You Do Right?

It’s that Jessica Rabbit va-va voom: sassy, soulful and too fucking cool to touch.

Mary Byrne – This Is A Man’s World

The Tesco Empress‘s crowning moment: booming confidence, captivating stage presence and roof-raising vocals.

Aiden Grimshaw – Mad World

A haunting and utterly spellbinding performance.

Rebecca Ferguson – Show Me Love

Our soul siren effortlessly slips into dance diva mode. We are still in shock.

Cher Lloyd – Just Be Good To Me

How did she manage to make a retro record sound so tailored to her? Instant smash. Bitch completely shat all over them teen stars that be rocking the Nickolodeon Awards.

X Factor Final 14 – Telephone

Guilty pleasure fun that turned out surprisingly ace in most parts despite the gawd awful miming.

One Direction – The Way You Look Tonight

The moment I realised these lads meant business and saw the promise of a long pop career ahead.

Paije Richardson – Let It Be

A thunderous performance unlike any rendition I’ve ever heard of this song. Poor Paije. I think out of all of Dannii’s boys, he was the one that needed the most guidance and time to develop his sonic stamp.

Matt Cardle – The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)

The torch ballad that had us gasping for air in the delicate falsetto sections. All of Matt‘s performances seem to blur into one strummy la la haze in my head but this one remains the centre piece of it all.

Nicole Scherzinger – Poison

The guest judge who came back and detonated the fucking stage with the most exhilarating artist performance of the year.

Unforgettable bitch please moments:

“I don’t usually have anything constructive to say to you, Wagner. But I believe you’ve made some comments this week about me being from a council estate and I’m just a very lucky girl. Well, you’re absolutely right. I’m very proud of my roots and I’m very lucky. If I were to give you any constructive advice, it’d be: don’t focus on anyone else or how lucky I am. But how lucky you are to be on that stage.” Damn, old man. Here’s a pen and I’mma need you to sign this ’cause you just got served.

“Only you – after the week that you’ve had – could come out and sing ‘your sex is on fire’…” – Simon, this is no laughing matter. Katie Waissel‘s grand ma might have just discovered a new song to trick to.

Harry from One Direction, please put some clothes on. We don’t want to excite the kiddie fiddlers now, do we? [Editor’s note: you won’t believe how many Google searches for “Harry One Direction topless” we get directed here.]

Remember when Cheryl went through that cheap red hair phase and passed the bottle around to all her girls?

Treyc Cohen, this scene is something out of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The cheap expensive furniture, the curves-embracing red dress and BET-ready wig –damn, did someone jack Nene‘s boudoir? So we found the Halloween connection after all.

“Hopefully with a bit of steam it would clear out the skin as well and you’ll start to look a bit fresher?” – Oh, Diva Fever. How did we ever get through this series without you queens?

That wig.

Final word:

What on earth am I gonna do with myself now? Should you find me contemplating new years resolutions and what to do with my life, it’s all because I’m struggling to fill the void of a weekly X Factor feed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the recaps, our bitch please moments and commentary this year. It’s been fantastic hearing the response from readers, fellow fans and friends, and I hope to get right back into it with next year’s series [Editor’s note: hands will be tied between the US, UK and Aussie runs, if all three go ahead in 2011].

Thank you and KTHXBAI.



  1. I did not listen to a single song by anyone other than Cher or One Direction (and that was just once), But it was fun to come along for the ride!

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