Feed Limmy’s Songs of 2010: #20 – #11

You’re waddling into the golden rivers of the Top 20 now.

Behold! The next level in Feed Limmy’s Songs of 2010. This is where the songs start to become more personal to me and I start giving gold star stickers for lyrical excellence.

Have squeeze at the countdown:

#20 – ‘The Flood’ by Cheryl Cole

The cheesy aquatic references aside, this song had me at the tidal chorus and themes around transient relationships.
Line: “I could put my hands down in it, but it won’t bring nothing up. Sitting on the shore all day, waiting for the tide to come.”

#19 – ‘Running Away’ by davidlim

Ah, shit. Bitch loves the sound of his voice. No, really. This is a special song to me because I have so much belief in it. It’s a thumping R&B club jam with just the right balance of petulance and vulnerability. ‘Running Away’ was also the first original song I got to perform.
Line: “Here we go again, back to square one now. We keep changing lanes but we’re going nowhere.”

#18 – ‘Bittersweet (Freemasons Edit)’ by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I had high hopes for my British pop queen this year but this ‘Bittersweet’ mix is probably the best she’s had to offer. Morose and alluring in the fashion of Girls Aloud‘s ‘The Loving Kind’ and ‘Untouchable’.
“Despite my mind, my body is still curious. So won’t you show me all there is to know?”

#17 – ‘Momma’s Place’ by Roisin Murphy

Such a sly nouveau disco gem. Possibly the best song you can write and dedicate to your first born.
Line: “So you think you know it all? Well, that’s just the arrogance of youth.”

#16 – ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

You wouldn’t put this band, album or song past me but ‘Home’ totally had me with its wistful charm and sweet spoken word section.
“Home is wherever I’m with you.”

#15 – ‘Real Late Starter’ by Joe McElderry

My future boo raises some eyebrows with this spunky Nerina Pallot cover. This was also the song that turned my little brother onto Joe’s music. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve had this on repeat in the car.
“Oh my god, if I was somebody you’d be kissing my ass right now.”

#14 – ‘Love The Way You Lie (Part II)’ by Rihanna feat. Eminem

This aches with every listen. In fact, I’ll nominate this as a tie with RiRi‘s other album track, ‘California King Bed’.
“Even angels have their wicked schemes but you take that to new extremes.”

#13 – ‘Touch’ by Natasha Bedingfield

This is Nat in her element, writing wonderfully narrated serendipitous love songs.
Line: “Every choice we’re making, every road we take, every interaction starts a chain reaction…”

#12 – ‘Hang With Me (Acoustic)’ by Robyn

The torch ballad of the entire Body Talk anthology. Everything comes to a stand still whenever I hear this acoustic version.
Line: “Will you tell me once again, how we’re gonna be just friends. If you’re for real and not pretend, then I guess you can hang with me.”

#11 – ‘Tear Jerker’ by Che’Nelle

The title says it all. Only just learned that Ms Lim had formally released this song/album – albeit only in Japan.
“Here in this box contains the letters that you gave me. Today will mark our break up anniversary. Throw in the promise ring, pictures of you and me. I’ll let it go.”


Keep your ear to the ground, Feed Limmy’s Albums of 2010 #20 – #11 is coming later in the week. Check the full countdown here.



    • We know it’s Robyn. It’s OK, if you must, I’ll let you play that song on our last episode of the year. I won’t fight you. #samestrokes

      • Actually it’s Running Away by David Lim ;) At this point you should be proud I’ve already made a list and not doing it at 7:45 the night of our best of 2010 show.

      • VERY PROUD. But I don’t want no spoilers! I want to learn it on the night.

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