Scissor Sisters ‘Invisible Light’ Music Video

Just when you thought you’ve seen twisted and perverse pop videos. Then there’s ‘Invisible Light’.

Here on the Scissor Sisters‘ forthcoming single, director Nicolas Mendez takes us on a violent sex dream wired into 70s porn mode with elements of arthouse horreur.

‘Invisible Light’ has always been a fan favourite and it’s a shame that it took for ‘Fire With Fire’ to flop harder than Bionic to make them realise that they should’ve led with this gem in the first place. Here the epic six-minute Babylon club masterpiece gets tastefully re-edited down to a four-minute track (thankfully still features Sir Ian McKellan‘s voodoo spoken word bit).

Warning: the video is NSFW but trust me, the below stills of my favourite magnificently fucked up scenes don’t do it justice. You actually have to experience these scenes in all its juxtaposed glory to get off on that uncomfortable darkness:

1) Lick my wounds.

Well, if you insist.

2) The sacrifice.

UM. WHAT THE FARK IS THAT? Pretty sure my stomache just quit on me and is now dragging its contents up through the exit located just past my tonsils.

3) Arse Terrapin.

You know, I too once had a dream about my pet terrapin and derries. Should I be seeking help?


‘Invisible Light’ is due for a UK release early next year. I won’t expect for Australian radio to get it, though.



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