Adele ‘Rolling In The Deep’ Music Video

Someone’s gone through a bit of effort with this one.

England’s young mistress of soul Adele returns with the first single from her long-awaited sophomore album and it seems like her label’s sparing no expense with this one.

Basically, somebody’s done shut down a cafe and pilfered all its glasses, tea cups, saucers and flour for this little project.

Check out three key visual servings of ‘Rolling In The Deep’:

1) Thirsty?

Well, don’t. I’ve licked every single one of them.

2) Breakin’ Dishes.

Wouldn’t that have been the best job? I know if I had been given the task of smashing up these cups and saucers, you would’ve had to remove me.

3) Organised mess.

This is art dahling. No, not just that magnificent feature wall. This whole room. Everything – from the position of the chairs, the crumpled paper through to the plastic draped over the furniture. It’s all art.


‘Rolling In The Deep’ is now out in the US, UK and Europe but us Aussies are yet to see an online release. We can, however, pre-order her forthcoming 21 album from iTunes and expect a release on 21 January. See what they’ve done there?



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