Feed Limmy Albums of 2010: #20 – #11

Now that I’ve shredded all evidence of taste and cred from this blog. Let’s push ahead with my Top 20 albums of the year.

Here we have the LPs and EPs that have made a mark on my ears, spirit and psyche this year. Throw some shade, if you must, but like a bad bout of LaToya Jackson ass-in-mouth action, I’m about to justify my decisions here:

#20 – The Distance Between Two Truths by Mark Sholtez

This is my white wine and grilled king salmon dinner partay album. Classy and civilised does it. 
Key tracks: ‘We Could Get Lost’ and ‘The Mystery of You’.

#19 – Wide Awake by Joe McElderry

Future boo almost didn’t make the cut the first time I heard this. But I live in hope that by putting Wide Awake on the shortlist, I’ll inadvertently increase my chances of catching his attention. The restraining order’s now getting tiresome.
Key tracks: ‘Ambitions’, ‘Real Late Starter’ and ‘Fahrenheit’.

#18 – Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj

This was not the fever-pitched killa it’s hyped up to be. Poor Onika had us doused with one too many mid-tempos but still a promising debut nonetheless.
Key tracks: ‘Roman’s Revenge’ and ‘Dear Old Nicki’.

#17 – Loud by Rihanna

I’m appreciating on RiRi‘s return to sanguine pop. It’s a diverse soundscape with little to no connection between the tracks but quality shines where quality is shown.
Key tracks: ‘Only Girl In The World’, ‘California King Bed’ and ‘Man Down’.

#16 – Hurricane Venus by BoA

Token Asian pop album and belated discovery for me. Where her English debut lacked in originality, Hurricane Venus made up for with sonic variety.
Key tracks: ‘Hurricane Venus’, ‘Romance’ and ‘M.E.P. (My Electric Piano)’.

#15 – Cannibal by Ke$ha

While the rest of the planet eye rolls with ennui, I reconnect with the glittery mess of Ke$ha crunk. After sitting out for the most part of Animal, I think it’s safe to decree Cannibal as our little rediscovery and renewal of vows.
Key tracks: ‘The Harold Song’, ‘Grow A Pear’ and ‘Sleazy’.

#14 – Happiness by Hurts

Winter wouldn’t have worked this year without Hurts‘ icy synth-pop debut.
Key tracks: ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Sunday’ and ‘Silver Lining’.

#13 – The Family Jewels by Marina & The Diamonds

This kooky-brilliant album alienates and draws me in almost all at once.
Key tracks: ‘Are You Satisfied?’, ‘Shampain’ and ‘Oh No!’.

#12 – The First Dance by Wynter Gordon

This greatest hits EP featuring Wynter‘s key dance collabos to date is just what the stans ordered and what the new fans need.
Key tracks: ‘Believer’, ‘Right Here’ and ‘Renegade’.

#11 – Get ‘Em Girls by Jessica Mauboy

The Aussie market won’t get why she’s comin’ for Sasha Fierce‘s wig but I do and I’m all for it.
Key tracks: ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Scariest Part’ and ‘Handle It’.


Brace yourself because we’re packing some serious pyro for next week’s final unveiling of Feed Limmy’s Songs and Albums of 2010. Who will snatch trophies and claim the #1 seat here?



    • Oh OK, boys. I know James is probably going but Liam, are you as well? I’m gonna ask around and see who wants to come if tickets are still available!

      • Yeah, I’ve got my ticket, you’re more than welcome to come along too. And we can get bubble cup ahead of time yeeeaaaah!

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