Mariah Carey Christmas Performances

There’s still no sign of a tree or mistletoe up in my place but there’s plenty of Ma Mimi‘s Christmas warbles on rotation.

Here I invite you to snuggle up beside me for a compilation of Mariah‘s latest sparkly Yule tide performances on the ABC Christmas special and Christmas In Washington.

1) Washington, you ain’t ready for this.

Here the melismatic diva reprises her seasonal favourite ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ for the Christmas In Washington special hosted by Ellen DeGeneres with President Obama and the First Lady in attendance.

Did I miss something or was Mariah‘s mama Patricia Carey meant to join in for an operatic mash up? Instead, why is she standing there getting full just looking at her daughter?

2) Duet with Glam Ma Patricia.

Well Santa has very promptly delivered my YouTube wishes today. Here’s ‘O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah’ performed with the matron of heaven’s choir of angels: Patricia Carey. I recognise that it’s the same song as above but this is twice the value.

3) O Holy Night.

There were moments in this performance where I feared that the twins were gonna shoot out from between her legs. I appreciate you squeezin’ and grasping for the notes, Ma, but please. Think of the little Mimettes.

4) Oh Santa!

This brings so much joy to my world. Hand claps, foot stomps and Mariah‘s ever-present million dollar legs and cleavage. It’ll never be another ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ but I stand by the fact that ‘Oh Santa!’ sounds current and right for this generation.


Happy holidays to you all. Love, Limmy.


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