Rachel Adedeji ‘Follow The DJ’ Music Video

There was such an outrage when this X Factor soul warbler got the axe last year. But gurl, if you’re looking for vindication, you won’t find it here.

News of Rachel Adedeji‘s debut independent pop release grabs you on paper and on video but fuck, this track’s been starved of some decent melodies. The Auto tuned spoken word verses really don’t cut it for me but if we can put our thinking caps on for a minute and work this lemon into lemonade, I’d suggest for Aggro Santos or Shapeshifters to sample this chorus for a big summer dance number.

That hook and bridge breakdown will start to sound more radio-ready after the third play, but in the meantime, you can handle this vibrant messy promo:

1) Who’s that girl?

Stunning, sexy and fine form: Ms Adedeji is bound to turn some heads in the gym. [Editor’s note: Limmy is confident that if all else fails, some gym/fitness centre with a high population of gays might pick up and spin this video.]

2) The Midas antennae headgear.

Dahling, don’t you know? Avant garde costumery is a must in pop videos these days.

3) Body talk.

*whispers loudly* “I’m like sooooo wayyystehd… your single sounds uhmaayzen! I was like, IS THIS ALEXANDRA BURKE?”


Rachel Adedeji‘s ‘Follow The DJ’ is due for a March 2011 release.



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