Chart Feed – 20.12.10

Altiyan Childs stans are probably snortcackling now. It’s good to know that somewhere in the world, someone’s Monday’s been coloured with a  little victory and a light sprinkling of vindication. Our inaugural X Factor winner’s self-titled covers album has entered at #4 on the ARIA charts this week, thanks to several handy in-store signings. So in short, it didn’t flop as hard as I had expected. According to Auspop, the LP sold exactly 29,999 copies. Unsurprisingly so on the album charts, Altiyan Childs and Michael Jackson‘s Michael are the only two new releases to show up in the Top 50 this week.

Michael Jackson‘s first posthumous album Michael enters at a meagre #10 here in Australia. I just spied with my loathing side eye a certain Jackson brother appearing on Kerri-Anne to promote something related to The Legend. Nothing was said about this Michael record. Anyway, if it’s not LaToya, don’t believe it. She’s the only one in the clan that speaketh the truth. On the flipside, MJ and Akon‘s ‘Hold My Hand’ debuts at #37.

Alexis Jordan may have made a splash over in the UK charts but here, she’s struggling to pick up adequate radio support for her buzz single ‘Happiness’. The track’s trekking well on the downloads charts, though, leading to a #25 here this week. Mind you, the highest charting new entry in Australia. A glimmer of promise for a quiet few weeks.

Jessica Mauboy‘s ‘Saturday Night’ is rapidly rising as a real club contender – the remixes continue to garner spins, taking it to a new peak of #3 on the ARIA club charts. Elsewhere, ex-Idol-winner-turned-dance-music-purveyor Natalie Gauci enjoys a Top 10 hit on the club charts. Her single ‘Dreamer’ – under the guise of Tune In Tokyo – is #8 there this week.

Wynter Gordon and Freemasons‘ Euro-chic number ‘Believer’ has cracked the Aussie club charts at #39 this week. Just like it was with ‘Dirty Talk’, the buzz is only starting to go global a couple of months the track first dropped. Freemasons first released ‘Believer’ as a Summer of Pride remix back in August and saw it chart at #23 on the UK dance charts. Mah gurl’s now spearheading the radio edit version and a new set of remixes – so get behind it! Aussies, hang tight for a digital release soon.

Matt Cardle has effortlessly topped the UK charts this week with his winning single ‘When We Collide’ selling over 439,000 copies in the first six days. The track’s now the biggest non-charity single sales the UK has seen all year, only outsold by the Help for Haiti. Elsewhere, the Biffy Clyro original ‘Many of Horror’ copped a sales boost too, re-entering at #8 this week.

Rihanna‘s ‘What’s My Name’ rises to #2 in the UK this week. Bitch is still untouchable as hell. RiRi has said that the third single shall be ‘S&M’ but she’s also issued ‘Raining Men’ featuring Nicki Minaj to urban radios. You gotta get that money any way you can.

Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Express’ debuts at #75 in the UK this week. There was a whole lot of ass blowing over her raunchy X Factor performance last week and seriously, to all the haters who rang up the network to complain about Xtina sweating her MAC-ed up pork chops on stage – suck it! Burlesque opens here on 13 January.

Cheryl Cole‘s ‘The Flood’ rises to #53 on the charts. There’s also been a rise in reported hearing loss from all who watched the warble on the Royal Variety Performance. Meanwhile, the legendary Willow Smith sees her iconic debut single ‘Whip My Hair’ drop from #2 to #9 on the UK charts. Jesus wept.

Ke$ha‘s new Cannibal EP drops to #55 in the States after three weeks, and only managing to peak at #15. The Animal album sinks to #77 after close to a year on the charts. Guess that reign’s coming to an end…

Wiz Kalifa‘s ‘Black and Yellow’ is on the verge of cracking the US Top 10. I first caught whiff of the track a few months back when it was bubbling over to the mainstream and it’s brilliant to see it gaining momentum.

Keri Hilson‘s ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ has risen to a new peak of #45 on the US charts. We gave it a spin on our radio show last week and I loved the chuckle/eye roll my co-host Jade Gulliver gave when she heard, “don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful”. True talk, woman. I’mma keep doing the pretty girl rock.

Adele‘s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ has come in at #68 on the US charts, making this the English rose’s second appearance on the American charts. ‘Chasing Pavements’ made #21 in the States back in 2008. ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is out in the UK on 17 January and will feature a b-side titled ‘If It Hadn’t Been For Love’. The new album 21 drops on 21 January. Seems like a significant digit for her, don’t you think?

Natasha Bedingfield‘s Strip Me album crashes in at #103 this week while the title track slips back in the Top 100. This album’s about as interesting as watching flour sift. If I had to make a recommendation – I’d suggest ‘Touch’, ‘Try’ and the “less is more” acoustic tracks.



  1. David what is your problem? Altiyan Childs album “didn’t flop as badly as I expected”???? Debuting behind Pink, Bon Jovi (who just happen to be touring the country at the moment)and Susan Boyle, who are huge international stars – especially a week before Christmas – would be a resounding success for pretty much anyone in most people’s minds. Michael Jackson only came in at #10. If you are incapable of unbiased comment don’t you think you should be doing something else? BTW FYI Sony have confirmed platinum status for the album here. if you are even vaguely interested in facts.

    • Dear Lyn,

      70,000 platinum status is based on copies shipped into stores to be displayed on shelves and fill stock room floors. Actually sold: 29,999. Thanks for the facts.

      “Didn’t flop as badly as I expected.” – compliment intended. Sorry if you misunderstood that.

      • That’s like saying “You’re not as ugly as I expected” would you consider that a compliment?

      • It’s not the highest compliment to pay Altiyan, but it’s a back-handed compliment – and that’s the best I can manage right now for this album.

        Lyn, don’t get me wrong. Like, I’ve said before. I’m still looking forward to Altiyan’s proper studio album. Know that I’m reserving full judgement until I hear that.

  2. OK David while you’re waiting for his original album like the rest of us, why don’t you have a listen to some of his previous original stuff and tell me what you think.

  3. “If you are incapable of unbiased comment don’t you think you should be doing something else?”

    Don’t mean to sound bitchy Lyn, but this is David’s blog and he can write whatever he damn well likes.

    I too am surprised at how well Altiyan debuted. I kept saying throughout the week that it would be lucky to go Top 10. This prediction was purely based on the lack of interest for his single. But I guess instores + christmas sales + the facts Aussies do love their cover albums.

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