Feed Limmy’s Songs of 2010: #10 – #1

This is it, bitches. Like, Dannii/Michael Jackson for realz this is it.

You’re now parked right in front of them pearly gates of our heavenly Feed Limmy Top 10 Songs of 2010. These are the tracks that have touched me, intrigued me and moved me out of my seat – and as such – have woven themselves into the soundtrack of my year. 

One hand on your heart and the other grasping for your dancing shoes, please:

#10 – ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ by Kelly Rowland

I’ve never heard a break up song dealt from this perspective before. Just a strong statement about how you can never judge a relationship based on what you see on the exterior.
Line: “They ain’t been through the things that you put me through. They ain’t never cried the tears you made me cry.”

#9 – ‘Settle Down’ by Kimbra

This song is so quirky and incessantly catchy, I find myself crooning the chorus all day long while cleaning and shit.
Line: “I wanna settle down, won’t you settle down with me? Settle down…”

#8 – ‘Push Push’ by Kat DeLuna

Criminally slept on. Kat could’ve had a global smash with this one. It’s everything a mega radio hit should be: festive, brazen and catchy.
Line: “Sweet boy, I just wanna be your fantasy, boy…”

#7 – ‘Love Me Cos You Want To’ by Gabriella Cilmi

Every year you’ll see a dance ballad up in these ranks. 2010 goes to this sparkly 80s Europop affair. Don’t get mad ’cause Robyn‘s ‘Dancing On My Own’ didn’t bag this spot. We’ll slot that between #6 and #7.
Line: “Love me ’cause you want to, and not because you wanna be kind.”

#6 – ‘All The Lovers’ by Kylie Minogue

My grown up Kylie ballad: tender, universal and bittersweet.
Line: “Dance. Is all I wanna do, so won’t you dance?”

#5 – ‘The Best’ by Erika Heynatz

This is very special and personal to me. I can totally relate to the patterns of self-sabotage and self-doubt mentioned on song.
Line: “This is half of what I ask for, half of what I deserve… this is what I get for expecting less than the best.”

#4 – ‘The Harold Song’ by Ke$ha

Utterly unexpected. Everyone’s favourite crunk-talkin’ glitter monger unveils a tender side with a modern power ballad that rips into your heart, soul and tear ducts.
Line: “They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me… I would give it all to not be sleeping alone. 

#3 – ‘Poison’ by Nicole Scherzinger

Absolute dynamite. A cantankerous RedOne production amalgamating fierce lyrics with industrial-strength Euro club beats.
Line: “That bad girl power I got, I’ll abuse it tonight!”

#2 – ‘Whip My Hair’ by Willow Smith

In a word: Iconic.
Line: “I whip my hair back and forth… I whip my hair back and forth…”

#1 – ‘Commander’ by Kelly Rowland

Strobe lights flare out behind me and smoke fill the floor the minute that opening synth line comes on. A mighty, fierce and all-conquering strut song. I still can’t get enough of it.
Line: “I’m a dance floor lover. You won’t find no leader, who does it like I does it.”


Brace yourselves for one more king hit – Feed Limmy’s Top 10 Albums of 2010 will be revealed later in the week.

Check on the full Top 30 countdown here.



  1. I can’t believe that Willow is on this list. But then I guess there had to be one surprise since Commander has clearly been your track of the year all year. *hearts* Rose Coloured Glasses by the way, so glad you introduced me to it.

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