Vintage Feed: Mariah Carey ‘I Still Believe’

This song kills my heart every time and I can’t believe I’ve never seen the vidgeeoh before today.

Thank you YouTube for immortalising the youthful fabulosity of Mariah Carey and giving me all the tingles a gay would feel when he sees his favourite hag rock a man shirt with her bra showing.

Director Brett Ratner (the man behind the Rush Hour series) kinda blurred pastiche with reality a little here with his homage to Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic visit to perform for US troops in Korea. A part of me would’ve believed that these were real servicemen and Mimi actually got her private jet out to some army base to flaunt to her shit.

Never mind the dumb fuck of a statement I just made. You’re losing sight of what’s important here. Let me screen cap and spell it out for ya’ll…

Here are three tingle-inducing moments in the ‘I Still Believe’ promo:

1) Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

And don’t lose your shit and squeal like a merry unicorn when you meet Butterfly Queen Mimi.

2) A 90s popstar’s definition of the Marilyn curl.

Bloody awful, wasn’t it? Think my Aunty Karen rocked those curls for at least a decade. I had often mistaken her for a has-been Taiwanese popstar.

3) I’m swooning.

Perfection personified.


‘I Still Believe’ made #4 on the US charts and went platinum, selling over a million copies back in 1998. Unlike its preceding single – ‘When You Believe’ with Whitney – ‘I Still Believe’ didn’t really make an impact internationally – peaking only at #16 in the UK and #54 in Australia.

This cover was recorded as a tribute to the original artist – Brenda K. Starr – who was instrumental in breaking young Mimi when she handed her then-backing singer’s demo to Sony Music mogul Tommy Mottola, who swiftly signed Mimi and began her multi-million dollar recording career.



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