Chart Feed – 27.12.10

Guy Sebastian has scored a Christmas week #1 with ‘Who’s That Girl’ creeping to the top while we were getting our stuffin’ on. Kudos for the strategic physical single release during last week’s retail rush. Easiest Kris Kringle solution evah.

Pink‘s Greatest Hits… So Far!!! reigns supreme on top in its sixth week running while her ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’ single debuts at #86 in the US. Next in line, Susan Boyle‘s The Gift stays put at #2 – and rightly so too because the only gift I see this being is a big ol’ two for the port-a-loo. And so, it’s off to hibernation for SuBo now until she pops out again just in time for another Christmas release next year.

Wynter Gordon has cracked the Aussie Top 20 this week with ‘Dirty Talk’ leaping from #32 to #18. Hark! This be the anthem for some of us during the silly season. *Pause* Hurry on up 2011, I’m getting faint for mah gurl’s long-awaited debut album With The Music I Die.

Justice Crew‘s ‘Friday To Sunday’ is the highest charting new single here this week, debuting at #31. In fact, the only other new placement in the Top 50 this week is Neon Tree‘s ‘Animal’ at #48. This single was first launched in the States in March but is only making its way internationally now. A UK release date is set for 7 January.

Taio Cruz and Kylie‘s ‘Higher’ re-enters the Aussie singles chart at #39 this week while the US version featuring Travie McCoy debuts at #80 over in the States. The new video featuring Travie has been uploaded and there’s evidently more chemistry between the lads than whatever the fuck was going on between Taio and Empress MinMin. Like, dude, I still can’t get over those awkwardly-not-touching-Kylie moments. Is this your first time in the presence of a goddess?

Matt Cardle holds onto the UK #1 position during the seasonal week. According the nation’s end of year charts, ‘When We Collide’ is the second biggest selling single – only beaten by the almighty Eminem and Rihanna‘s ‘Love The Way You Lie’. Seeing Matt‘s success now aligning with that of all other X Factor winners’ only makes me rage harder for Future Boo to be validated with a #1 record.

Jessie J‘s ‘Do It Like A Dude’ edges to a new peak of #22 on the UK charts this week. This bitch is definitely one to watch for in 2011 – mark the words of tastemaker pop music bloggeurs everywhere. She has been enlisted to write for Britney‘s forthcoming album and her own debut Who You Are is expected to drop next year as well. You’ve been warned. Keep an eye out for Jessie J on the coveted BBC’s Sound of 2011 shortlist.

The Wanted‘s third single ‘Lose My Mind’ continues its climb, reaching a peak of #29 this week in the UK while the album sells comfortably outside the Top 20. These lads are not buggering off anytime soon, I don’t think. Having said that, I can’t imagine a fourth single being a possibility. Perhaps they’ll buck with the trend and re-release their album with new recordings in six months. Why the hell not? Everyone’s doing it.

Take That – manband extraordinaire – remains unstoppable with Progress still topping the UK charts for six consecutive weeks. There’s still debate over what the album’s second single will be. At the moment it’s looking like a toss up between ‘SOS’ and ‘Kidz’ – two of my favourites on the record. The men were supposed to perform ‘Kidz’ on the X Factor finals this year but the performance was pulled because it contained a riot scene that was deemed “inappropriate”. Elsewhere, Take That have also performed ‘SOS’ on the Royal Variety Performance. Single choice is anybody’s guess at this stage.

Alexandra Burke‘s bombshell Overcome deluxe was all but a bleep on the Christmas week charts. Poor lass. She was packin’ in the value for ya’ll, reupholstering her monster-selling debut with several new recordings and this is the thanks she gets? Overcome languishes outside the UK Top 30 while the new single version of ‘The Silence’ drops from #36 to #65 this week. Yikes.

Usher‘s ‘More’ – easily one of my favourites from this current album – has been charting for nine weeks in the UK and no one told me? The track was issued as single number five this month but the love goes way back. ‘More’ was first issued as a promo single on US iTunes last March and it has already made it’s UK debut at #89 based on downloads alone when the album first dropped. The track sits at #34 this week in the UK and re-enters the US charts at #88. Gonna push it to the limits, gimme MOAR!

Mariah Carey‘s ‘Oh Santa!’ debuts at #100 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in the lead up to Christmas week. The album Merry Christmas II You is still in the US Top 20. [Editor’s note: We’d all be bleeding from the ears if Limmy spins that album one more time this holiday season.]

Keri Hilson‘s ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ climbs to a new peak of #42 in the US. The accomplished songwriter still has loads to prove as a recording artiste but if the swag she’s jackin’ on No Boys Allowed is anything to go by. The world best watch out. I’m earmarking ‘Pretty Girl Rock’, ‘Buyou’ and ‘The Way You Love Me’ as the corkers you need to jump on. No Boys Allowed will drop in Australia on 14 January.

Ciara‘s Basic Instinct flopped at a #44 debut in the States, selling only a meagre 37,000 copies, making this her lowest-selling debut to date. It fared far worse internationally – where it’s traditionally never been CeCe‘s crowd anyway – missing the Top 100 completely in the UK and Top 50 in Australia. What’s been giving me the LOLZ about Princess CeCe is the little feud that’s bubbling over between her and Ms Keri Hilson. Check the sitch over at Toya’s World.

Kandi – see: Real Housewives of Atlanta Cristal-swigging petal – has dropped her long awaited comeback album Kandi Koated. The album creeps in at #91 this week and it’s absolute travesty that her gal pal and diva vocal powerhouse du jour Kim Zolciak wasn’t featured on a track. I mean, gurl, you couldn’t throw her warbles in for a hidden track or some Walmart exclusive bonus track for old time’s sake?

Crystal Bowersox – this year’s American Idol runner up – sees her folky debut Farmer’s Daughter enter at #28 in the States. It was initially reported that the Chad Kroeger co-write (don’t fight the cringe) ‘Hold On’ was gonna be the first single, much to Crystal‘s disapproval. But thankfully, Ms Bowersox got her way and released the title track as the album’s lead single instead.



  1. SuBo may hibernate for a few months, but she’ll have another CD out by June.

  2. What happen to the dude who won American Idol this year? What are your thoughts on him Dave?

    • I’ve probably only heard one song by him? Seemed alright. Nick’s a bigger fan of Crystal and that’s why my level of exposure’s been greater in her favour.

      • I thought they both were OK. I don’t know that either of them will get big here.

  3. “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful. “

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