Keri Hilson ‘The Way You Love Me’ Music Video

Just when I’m starting to get my ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ on, Keri Hilson jumps in with this sexy new video.

This ferocious Polow Da Don track is an instant favourite from her No Boys Allowed album but if you’ve choked on smoke billowing this way, it’s got nothing to do with the song. It’s all about this goddamn video and Keri sweating everything God gave her.

Apparently all this air humping and kootch krumpin’ is a shock to urban music observers who have always perceived Ms Hilson as the one representing the classy broads. Then there’s the ill-founded comparison to serial vagina thruster, Ciara, who in all her video nastiness must even be taken aback by this tasteful promo.

Calls of sell out or not, Keri‘s body looks absolutely banging and the saucy choreography is enviable.

Here are three reasons why you ought to love ‘The Way You Love Me’:

1) The baddest bitches.

No shit. This gang ain’t complete without Kim and you know it. But for what it’s worth, here Ms Keri rounds up Faith Evans, JoJo and Dawn Richard (formerly of Danity Kane) to be a part of her La Bella Mafia.

2) The pointless narrative.

I don’t get how ya’ll go from pointing firearm at each other to cuffing up and making away with a tryst. Can we just get back to Keri licking the door and gyrating up on everything?

3) The nastiness.

Put it away, luv. The only lips I want to see are the ones that sing.


‘The Way You Love Me’ is slated for an official American release soon. Meanwhile, ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ will get a UK release on 9 January. Fingers crossed Australian radio will also be treated to this wicked track. No Boys Allowed will drop here 14 January.



  1. I don’t mean to be a prude, but isn’t the licking of doors taking things just a little bit too far?

    • It’s actually awkward to watch because I just DON’T GET WHY SHE’S DOING THAT.

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