Bag Raiders ‘Sunlight’ Music Video

Prepare to gush over the cutest vidgeeoh ever made about a zoo keeper and her chimp boyfriend.

French directors Fleur&Manu sets up a narrative about love at first sight between a young lady and CoCo the monkey with Bag Raiders‘ ‘Sunlight’ soundtracking their first date through to the tragic end when the primate stops acting right and gets arrested by the authorities.

Sigh. They always come across so perfect on the first date but fucking evolution couldn’t change the fact that boys will always be boys.

Here are the three key scenes in the ‘Sunlight’ rom com:

1) Girl meets chimp and steals him from enclosure.

You know how the story goes. Can’t help young love.

2) Gushing begins, like, now.


3) Monkey see, monkey do.

I love me a bad ass chimp. I really do.


‘Sunlight’ is the second single taken from the dance duo’s Bag Raiders debut LP, which made #7 on our ARIA charts in October. Hit play and download the free GLOVES remix of ‘Sunlight’ here:

Bag Raiders – Sunlight (GLOVES Remix) by modularpeople

The track is already up for download in Australia but the CD single and vinyl editions will be out in the UK and Europe on Valentine’s Day.


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