Feed Limmy Turns One!

We’re not expecting gifts but just so you know, today Feed Limmy celebrates its first birthday!

This post is probably the hardest to write because it’s personal – and I’m much more comfortable hiding behind a “wall of sass” [Editor’s note: Wanda Sykes reference].

Like, why is Limmy flicking on the lights and hitting pause on the party groove up in here? Because I want to take a minute – on the most auspicious of days – to thank you for reading and for all the love you’ve given Feed Limmy in the past year.

Thank you to all my friends [sorry about the Facebook spammage], my Twitter folk and random people stopping by all over the interwebs. I’ve gotten some lovely DMs, fan forum interaction, comments and emails about the style of writing, the content and look.

I’d also like to thank JOY 94.9 for the interview opportunities I’ve had on air for our show Diff’rent Strokes resulting in the cascade of interview transcripts published on Feed Limmy and at times on SameSame.

Thank you SameSame for showing an interest in my writing and letting me post on your site. Thank you to Damian from AuspOp, your encouragement means a lot and I look forward to working more with you in the new year.

I never take my role as a broadcaster and a writer for granted. It is a privilege to be heard and read – so thank you. It means a lot to a guy who isn’t always as sure of himself as he seems.

Of all the things I’ve busied myself with this year, doing Feed Limmy and developing its tone and style has probably brought me the most fulfillment. I knew I loved pop music and I most definitely have an opinion about everything in that sphere – and I sure have a way with words about it too. So about halfway through the year, I ditched the prim and proper journalistic tone and embraced my own sound.

This is actually me – sadly enough. How you read it is how I’d communicate it in real life.

I decided that there are countless of folk out there who write but there’s only one me and why the fuck should I not let me do the writing, if that makes sense?

There will always be someone who’ll post a story or break an artist, song or video before me and I’m completely cool with that! But I hope you’d still stop by to catch a Feed Limmy perspective on it.

I’ll do my best to keep the goodies comin’ in the New Year and hopefully, we can look back together again this time next year and toast to a bigger, bolder and – fingers crossed – sexier Feed Limmy.

My word to you and only personal resolution for 2011 is this:

“Go forth and accomplish what self-doubt and negativity held you back from achieving in 2010.”

Here’s a toast to all the fabulous folk I admire in the pop music blogosphere – I’m looking at all of you on my “Feed Limmy Recommends” side bar. May we all have our greatest year yet in 2011.

Love, Limmy.




  1. I was explaining to a friend the other day during a conversation about bloggers what your blog was about, and it went something like this:

    Feed Limmy is a blog written by a David Lim, who is an absolute sweetheart, and is completely in love with Pop music, but unlike most pop fans, David is not afraid to seek out obscure stuff, and not afraid to love something that might be hated, and quite often is ahead of the trend.

    I love the blog, you’ve hooked me up to so many artists that would have never permeated my Eurovision shroud!

    Can’t wait for what 2011 brings!

    • Aww, big big hearts and hugs to you Liam. Thanks for always being so supportive of my blog(s). xoxo

      OH! PS – what was your Marina highlight?!

      • Oh my god, she was amazing!

        My friend told me she wasn’t very good live so I went in there expecting it to be a bit meh, so The highlight(s) were probably the first note she started with was a huge power note that proved she had the vox that I hoped she had, and then of course when she played my favourite song, Oh No! complete with an accapella power-balladesque rendition of the chorus just before the song actually started!

        And the wind machine. What a babe!

      • Oh No! is probably my favourite track of hers and that arrangement would’ve been uh-may-zeen to witness. I gotta go trawl YouTube later to see if I can catch one.

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