Taste Test: The Little Stevies “Feel It”

It’s the glimmer of sunshine we’ve been waiting for all summer here in Melbourne.

Local alt-pop band The Little Stevies return from their whirlwind showcase in the States to premiere a cracking new track here.

‘Feel It’ hears the gang flog a new sound. It’s away with the familiar sun-soaked and wistful tunes of their previous recordings, and in with the pensive acoustic pop with crisp thumping rhythms.

Fear not, for the band’s signature three-part harmonies are still present for the ethereal chorus.

If this be your first taste test of The Little Stevies, we super urge you to check on their ‘Sunshower’ single. Guaranteed to bring the warmth and summer embrace to wherever you are seated.

Check on The Little Stevies at the following gigs:

28 December – Woodford Folk Festival – Melaney, QLD
29 – 30 December – Woodford Folk Festival – Brisbane, QLD
31 December – Degraves St Stage, Alexandra Gardens – Melbourne, VIC

More tour dates listed for 2011 on their Myspace.


Preview and grab ‘Feel It’ now on iTunes. The band’s forthcoming sophomore album Attention Shoppers is due March 2011.



  1. Bloody great new track, Feel it, and I’m feeling the groove.

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