Britney’s New Single To Premiere 7 January 2011

I’ve held off on blogging about anything BritBrit related until we could get a good enough confirmation. And here it is!

Britney‘s new single ‘Hold It Against Me’ will drop on 7 January, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Sharon Dastur, program manager of an American radio station Z100 confirmed that the track is produced by Dr Luke and Max Martin. She was quoted as saying:

“The beat that they gave her is really unique compared to the other artists – this infectious bass beat beneath the song. Plus, the hook is just amazing. It’ll be out on 7 January.”

Damn, I’d be running to the shops and grabbing some supplies now because Lord knows, I’d be camping out here scouring the interwebs day and night for a sound byte or a leak of any sort to fasten my eardrums on.

I mean, fuck, Dr Luke and Max Martin both on one track? Can you imagine the immensity of the capillary-busting pop perfection we’re about to experience here? This better be the game changer and refreshed sonics BritBrit stans ordered.

Other collabos Britney had supposedly lined up for this yet-untitled studio epic include: Xenomania (royal hitmakers behind Girls Aloud) and there’s been a lot of whispers from writers (ie – Jessie J) that the living legend is embracing a more “British” sound.

BritBrit had also tweeted that she’s done an “amazing photoshoot” with Mario Testino, who’s a renowned fashion photographer for V, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Sounds like the album artwork and promo shots could have already been finalised before Christmas.

Britney‘s back, bitches. Brace yourselves.


The queen herself tweeted that this yet-untitled seventh studio album will be out by March.

For some serious Britmania and furnace-hot standom, make sure you check in on MuuMuse‘s Daily B watch, Poor Britney and The Prophet Blog.


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