Taste Test: Beach Girl5 ‘Scratch’

America has a five-piece bubblegum pop girl band? Why wasn’t I notified of this sooner?

Introducing for your taste testing pleasure: Beach Girl5.

Mind you, alarm bells always go off when you decide to affix a numeral to your name denoting the number of members in the band. It’s like a permanent jinx baiting a line-up change. Exhibit A: 3LW and 5ive [Editor’s note: But Limmy, this one’s stylised as Girl5, clearly read as “girls”. Suce$$.]

Back story: All five members met when they were individually cast as entertainers for an 18-city professional volleyball league tour back in 2008. After the gig ended, these ladies decided that they liked the smell of each other and made a commitment to continue as a pop group.

Beach Girl5 have had tracks featured on MTV‘s The Hills and Degrassi – and they’ve also recently made an appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so you know what their target audience is like.

Sounds like: summer-ready pretty girl pop with an R&B persuasion. Don’t hate but the vocals are actually not bad on some of their tracks, especially on the sweet slow jam ‘I Got’ which is streaming on their website.

BG5 have been busy on their gigging rounds, showing off promising energetic live performances and they’re currently working on their pop debut. Have a listen to their first single ‘Scratch’:

Hat tip to Jessica from This Must Be Pop, I stumbled upon this slice of perfection when perusing her songs of 2010 countdown.


Grab a free download of ‘Scratch (Dave Aude Remix)’.

“If I scratch your back, you need to scratch mine. You need to get yours, I need to get mine.”



  1. I am kiiiinda feeling them, i think they are bordering on tacky, esp with the name. I’m all for girl groups and hope they do well, there is definitely a niche for r&b/pop girl group now that Danity Kane is done. That said, im much more excited for SoundGirl from the UK.

    • There’s SoundGirl then there’s the other one Irish five piece that’s rocking a bit of a Taylor Swift country pop swag…

      Danity Kane had it all going for them – looks, style, budget and vocals but fame whoring antics had to choked it all up.

      I’m reluctant to invest much hope in girl bands, to be honest. Still burnt by the demise of Mini Viva and Girls Can’t Catch.

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