Taste Test: Wonderland ‘Not A Love Song’

Louis Walsh and Westlife‘s Kian Egan have formed an Irish girlband with a country pop swag.

Here we present for your taste testing pleasure: Wonderland.

Back story: turns out all the industry rumours of Louis Walsh forming a girl band (sadly not in association with Geri Halliwell) were true. Back in October, the X Factor judge and creator of Boyzone and Westlife debuted the girls on an ITV2 special Louis Walsh and Kian Egan’s Next Big Thing – and you could see the cogs slowly turning in everyone’s heads.

A country pop girl band is a breath of fresh air in a market so asphyxiated with Pussycat Dolls-types clawing for the top. You want to believe that these five girls have the songs to back it up and a marketable image to boot. And they do!

The band consists of Jodi Albert (former Girl Thing member turned English soap star), Sharon Condon, Corrina Durran, Leigh Learmont and Kasey Smith – all picked out of the 700 hopefuls that auditioned for Louis and Kian back in 2008.

Check on Wonderland‘s debut single ‘Not A Love Song’. I could get into this:

Sounds like: Taylor Swift pop swag hooked up to five pristine pop vocalists. While you’re at it, have a listen to the gorgeous ‘Nothing Moves Me Anymore’:

Nothing Moves Me Anymore by WonderlandSongs


‘Not A Love Song’ has a tentative digital release date of 6 March in the UK. The girls are still putting together their debut album and have so far confirmed that they’ve written a track with Mark Owen of Take That, and there’ll be a cover of Lady Antebellum‘s ‘Need You Now’.

Are you feeling this?



  1. They’re brilliant! In your arms is my fave track by them – extrememly catchy!

    Just to let you know the single isn’t out in Jan, I don’t know where than info is coming from. It’s up on itunes for the original date of 6th March ’11. It had been brought forwards to 21st feb, so I’m not sure which of the two dates is right. But it’s deffinely not january.

    • Hey Jess,

      Thanks heaps for letting me know! :) Obviously working with outdated info there. I’ll update it to the tentative March release date UK iTunes has it as now.

      Guess everything is still subject to change depending on whether the song picks up enough hype? Hmm.

      • Your welcome. :)

        Yeah I would think so, the same with every debut it’s subject to being moved. But I’m pretty confident it will either be the 21st feb – 7th March. Play has put the album available to pre-order for the 30th May too which has also been a rumoured date for some months now, which will follow the second single which Sharon had said on twitter would be ‘Is It Just Me?’ (the middle-8 of that song is amazing) although that could change too.
        Is It Just Me? If you’d like to hear it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4RwUgc64Ug
        Theres tons of other vids online too. :)

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