Kat DeLuna ‘Party O’Clock’ Music Video

I’ve kinda been saving this for the last post of the year.

Before I go get my pretty gay rawk on for a me$$y fantastic NYE celebration, let me cue ya’ll a little pre-party choon while I get my outfit sorted.

Most of ya’ll will remember Kat DeLuna for her 2007 breakthrough ‘Whine Up’ and wondered where she buggered off to. Well, brilliant news is that the 23-year old Latin siren’s been working with RedOne and she’s now strutting back with a full bodied Europop party record: Inside Out.

‘Party O’Clock’ is the second single lifted off the album – which is sadly only available in Belgium, France and random parts of Europe at the moment – and it’s a corker of a universal pop/dance number.

Do yourselves a favour and get into the lead single ‘Push Push’ – utter global smash in waiting – but in the meantime, check out three moments of sheer gaiety in the ‘Party O’Clock’ promo:

1) Bollywood Kat

I mean, sure the budget and ferocity is nothing on the level of the ‘Push Push’ video but this fits the bill, right? Y’guys? Hey. Where are you going?

2) Party Cock.

If I squint, it clearly reads “Party Cock”. Ooh, no, gurl. You don’t want one of those. They’re no fun to ride on after a while.

3) Freakum Dress.

Young Kat, Queen B sees you. Now to quote lyrics the legend likes you to think she wrote: “Ladies, lookey here. When you been wit yo’ man fo’ a long time… every now and then you gotta into the back of that closet and pull out that freakum dress.”


‘Party O’Clock’ is a Europe-only single at this stage. Somebody get a campaign happening for some Aussie Kat action. On Boxing Day, Kat posted a screen shot of her forthcoming music video ‘Dancing Tonight’.

Merry New Years Eve, kids.



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