Kylie Minogue ‘Try Your Wings’ Live At Jools Holland

Send the back up dancers home and tell William Baker to extend his vacation, Mademoiselle Kylie is doing another “stripped back” performance.

Here the Aussie songbird turns her hand to cool jazz, covering Blossom Dearie‘s ‘Try Your Wings’ on the annual NYE televisual special: Jools Holland Hootenanny.

This is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it? And you see why Kylie‘s been hinting at a jazz album for years because it’s a style she could pull off to a tee. Having said that, a jazz album will rock the dance/pop mojo that she’s solidified her brand with for over ten years and worse, it’s hard enough as it is for Kylie to constantly live in the shadows of her famous little sister – you don’t want this record to draw comparisons to Mammii Dannii‘s flawless Afterlife Lounge Mixes.

Watch her other performance – ‘Better Than Today’ with Jools and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra:


Expect for Kylie to make Aussie tour date announcements soon for her Les Folies: Aphrodite concert.

Other guests who performed on last night’s 2010/2011 Jools Holland Hootenanny include Cee Lo Green, Vampire Weekend, Rumer and Plan B.



  1. Ooh… I am dying for another round of ClassyKylie! Her 1994 s/t album should now be the way to go, it’s the direction she should take now. Let Aphrodite be that career high now she can move on to another realm. Now she should prove that she’s indeed a great singer — most of her materials for the past decade have not properly displayed the quality of her voice, so the time is ripe of a change.

    Thanks for pointing out Dannii’s Afterlife mixes — the Afterlife mix of “You Won’t Forget About Me” is one of the best things… ever. But I wouldn’t call it “jazz” anyway, it’s more “lounge” to me. Kylie fits jazz music like a hand to a glove, you know that, I know that, so let’s not deny it! I’m so excited for this new phase in her career, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up having more success in the US for this style shifting.

    Who knows if it will provide Dannii with a chance to come back, be an artist in her own right and finally have more recognition and success? Well one can only hope…

    • I’d love to see Kylie do jazz and I have a feeling it will happen soon. It’s not something she’s just gonna jump into, though.

      She recently said that she’d like to do an “orchestra”-accompanied greatest hits album. So maybe that’s the way to go first. Kylie apparently recorded a jazz album several years back but never released it. Some tracks have leaked, though.

      As for Dannii, when I interviewed her in September, she seemed very unsure of future music plans. She does indeed have a handful of new songs that she’s recorded – some with Freemasons. But let’s face it, she doesn’t have a label and she’s got so much on her plate right now.

      Dannii is finally the darling of the press again and I understand if returning to music – where was often the target of the press – is the last thing on her mind right now.

  2. I am very much aware of her plans of an “orchestra/acoustic greatest hits album” and very excited for it. I think that all this time the general public hasn’t really seen her as a “credible” (if you will) singer while she is very much that. As I said, most of her materials don’t quite showcase her vocal quality — with “Aphrodite” being a “triumphant return to roots” of sorts, then what is next for her? I figure it would be best if she came up with something different, something unexpected that will further broaden her “soundscape” and hopefully gain some new audience.
    Which is why I mentioned the “Kylie Minogue” album as it’s the album where we get to hear her voice shine and there’s more depth and substance to her music.

    About Dannii, yeah, I listened to your interview with her and hopefully with you touching on the issue of her music, it could be some sort of trigger for her to come back to it. In the UK and Australia, I think she’s the most famous she’s ever been — I would say it would be kind of foolish of her if she didn’t use this opportunity to reignite her music career, as she has the perfect platform to do so. I’m pretty certain any label would be willing to sign her at this point, let’s hope she will one that suits her best and lets her do her thing, and most importantly, one that can assure her place in the scene.

    I don’t know, I have this crazy (and perhaps delusional) scheme in mind, that as soon as Kylie starts making “organic music” again, it may just provide Dannii with some sort of liberty, and opportunity, to be known in her own right, not compared to Kylie all the time (as their sound has been pretty similar all this time) and finally have more success and recognition. That’s just my take on it, I would be so glad if it happened, but if not then well, that’s just the way it is… :)

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