Nick Carter ‘Just One Kiss’ Music Video

Because the first solo album was such a colossal success, Nick Carter felt like it was time to treat the masses to a second helping.

It seems like the Backstreet Boys haven’t made any plans to record new material together and their only plans for 2011 at this stage is some joint tour with New Kids On The Block.

While that’s all working itself out, Nick Carter has supposedly spent most of 2010 working on his follow up record with the likes of Rami (BSB’s most loyal collaborator), Matthew Gerard, Ryan Tedder, Jim Jonsin (producer for Nelly Furtado), Claude Kelly (writer behind Whitney‘s comeback) and Ne-Yo.

‘Just One Kiss’ is the first offering from his forthcoming I’m Taking Off album and here are three important things you need to note about the video:

1) It’s not… or is it?

Could it be? Hold up. That’s Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys! Interesting how you don’t actually get a proper close up to identify him until you’re at least a minute in.

2) Nick gets wet. But you won’t.

It’s not the wet shirt scene we ordered. Having said that, Nick still gets my love. You never forget your first BSB wet dream, do you? Check out this pic the hunk tweeted from his recent album photo shoot.

3) Beach scenes are so zzz.

Sand, waves, soft natural lighting, squinting at camera, rolled up pants etc.


Nick Carter announced on Twitter that his forthcoming album I’m Taking Off will be out in February and word is, it will be made exclusively available in Japan first. Shit. Isn’t that where all Mya albums are made exclusively solely available these days?

It would have been nine years since his first album Now or Never and I wish I could say I wasn’t one of those folks who rushed out to get a copy. Better yet, I shelled out pocket monies for both the album and single (‘Help Me’).

Good deed done for the millennium?



  1. Nick is looking quite hot in the vid – looks like he’s laid off the puddings & back to his normnal hunky self.
    Not a bad track, wouldn’t mind hearing the album when it comes out!

    • Agreed! There’s another track of his that leaked a few days ago and that’s very synth-heavy urban/club. Too similar to anything Jesse McCartney’s doing these days…

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