Taste Test: Kat Graham ‘Sassy’

Actress/dancer/pop singer – take one glance and fall back, this chick is one hell of a bombshell slashie.

Here we present for your taste testing pleasure: Kat Graham.

Her debut single ‘Sassy’ and its Grace Kelly-inspired video is literally killing me with fabulosity. Those scenes showing regular folk getting “sassified”? Oh my gawd, I just can’t. This is too much.

Back story: Raised as an all-round entertainer, 21-year old Kat Graham has several claims to fame in her name.

As an actress – she currently stars in the TV series Vampire Diaries, as a dancer/music video vixen – she has appeared in Justin Bieber‘s ‘Somebody To Love (Remix)’ and Nelly‘s ‘Just A Dream’ promos, and as a singer – she was the “sassy” spoken word vocalist in Will.i.Am‘s hit ‘I Got It From My Mama’.

There’s not a whole lot to her discography yet but queens, having heard ‘Sassy’, you know we call all make room for more. Check out the promo and let us know what you think:

Sounds like: fun, attitude-heavy pop. Look into her other music videos ‘Boyfriend’s Back’ and ‘Cold Hearted Snake’.


‘Sassy’ will be featured in the forthcoming Honey 2 movie, which Kat also stars in. Judging by her tweets, 2011 will hold plenty of movie and music releases for the young slashie. Stay tuned.

Speaking of tweets, this one had me LOLZing. Sassy!


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