Taste Test: Rosaline Yuen “Tiny Goddess”

Wistful tunes, tales of passion and desire – pull up a chair and dim the lights, this Tiny Goddess has a story for you.

Back story: Melbourne singer/songwriter Rosaline Yuen has been gigging around town for the last five years, purveying her brand of sweet soulful indie pop.

She unveiled her first EP Garden in 2008, which earned her some community radio plays and critics’ nods but nothing can compare to the breath-taking confidence you hear her comeback with on her forthcoming debut album: Tiny Goddess.

As the name suggests, there’s a certain aura of pocket-sized wonder in this record. Every track glistens with its own narrative and comes delicately wrapped in wistful melodies that’s best serviced by Rosaline‘s warm – and dare I say, it? – sensual vocal tones.

Feed Limmy‘s picks of the pack ‘After NYE’, ‘Still Think of You’, ‘After The Show’ and ‘Tonight’. I also highly recommend the jazzy ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ from her Garden EP.

Sounds like: music for spring time and candle lit nights, staring into space with a significant other. Sonically, think, toe-tapping indie pop with a touch of jazz.

Listen to Rosaline Yuen‘s Tiny Goddess sampler here.


Tiny Goddess will be released in April 2011. One of the tracks – ‘After The Show’ – was featured on an episode of Underbelly: The Golden Mile last year.

Watch this space.


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