Natasha Hamilton ‘Ms Emotional’ Music Video

Every few months, I go on an Atomic Kitten itch [Editor’s note: don’t lie, Limmy. Seems to be every other week to us.]

Today’s YouTube scratch and subsequent sharing on Facebook yielded far more joy than expected when a friend commented about a forthcoming Natasha Hamilton solo release.

It was almost like the heavens had opened right above me and a choir of angels had descended wailing ‘Whole Again’ because I felt saved.

Tash – the Kitten perceived with the bigger roar – has been threatening a solo single for a good year now and the last we heard, she was finishing a track with Toby Gad (writer behind Beyonce‘s ‘If I Were A Boy’) titled ‘Ms Emotional’.

She premiered a snippet of the thundering chorus online and I died. There’s the Ryan Tedder-esque crunching beats and faint backing of a choir [Editor’s notes: maybe it’s the same heavenly troupe that descended above you before?] – if you think about it, ‘Ms Emotional’ really could’ve been Ricki-Lee covering a Natasha Bedingfield ballad.

Such crazy talk.

In any case, little did we know, Mama Kitten had uploaded the music video in October (thanks Auspop for the heads up) so now we can all stop rocking in a corner and come help ourselves to the Natasha Hamilton experience:

1) Where are the live doves?

Pause the tape and rewind it back. Did anyone see live doves fluttering to the heavens at the crack of that earthquaking chorus? No? Well, what a fucking waste. I’m always disappointed when music videos fail to capture the dramatics I envision when I hear a song. The entire film budget should have been spent just on the hook.

2) I know I did not just see comfy boots.

I am far too judgemental of people’s footwear in music videos. It’s a beach scene, so you really should be running barefoot anyway but Tash has unfortunately let me catch sight of her butch wear. Ethereal dress and bulky boots should not have been acquainted.

3) Natasha co-wrote the lyrics.

As depicted in film. Knowing that and seeing it for myself just helped me connect so much more to the song.


‘Ms Emotional’ is out in the UK this March. Natasha Hamilton‘s debut album – featuring productions from Toby Gad and Jim Beanz (the man behind Nelly Furtado‘s Loose album) – is said to be due later in the year.



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