Keri Hilson ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ Live on Letterman

Look who swagger jacked Deena Jones to bring us a Motown rendition of ‘Pretty Girl Rock’.

After L’Oreal perfection Queen B, Keri really is looking like the fairest in the land. Here to promote her No Boys Allowed album – which made an applaudable debut at #11 last week – the delightful Ms Hilson razzle dazzled the shit out of this drag queen pageantry on The Late Show with David Letterman.

I’m loving on this rendition – bar the bits where that growling faux Fatman Scoop DJ chimes in. The rockabilly breakdown was refreshing and you gotta give props to a pop performer who knows how to put on a show.

Having said that, the best part really was at the end when Keri didn’t know when to switch off the act. Here she is still swanning her fabulosity, unaware that David Letterman‘s trying to make his way to the front.

Gurl, that’s top class entertainment. Ya’ll got value for every dime you paid for.


‘Pretty Girl Rock’ is currently pressed up against the door of the US Top 30, hoping to claw its way in from #31. There’s still a chance that Universal Music will service the track to Aussie radios before the summer ends, at least, I hope so anyway.


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