Kerli ‘Army of Love’ Music Video

Estonian pop princess Kerli has some kind of cult following, I’m sure of it.

I’ve seen her name drift in and out of the pop music blogosphere recently but I’ve never investigated until now. Well, child. Consider the sensories to be fried because this icy Europop track – and accompanying white tribal video – is spellbinding as hell.

Here are three highlights in Kerli‘s ‘Army of Love’ promo:

1) Harajuku Ella Hooper Version Blanche.

I can’t even. This rave/cosplay perfection is too much for us mere mortals to handle.

2) The teddy mask.

One has developed a strange attraction towards this fatally cute piece and the other white gothic accessories Kerli‘s army is rocking.

3) Platforms were never gone.

Don’t even try to pin this as some kind of comeback, we all know platforms were never gone. I’m marveling at this masterpiece trying to find an Aussie popstar capable of this kind of sartorial brilliance and seriously, no one comes to mind. Except Amanda Grafanakis.

I see ya’ll nodding now.


Kerli‘s forthcoming “bubble Goth” album (her words) is expected to be out sometime this year. Her track ‘Tea Party’ was released as a single from Almost Alice, a compilation of choons inspired by Tim Burton‘s big screen remake of Alice In Wonderland.



  1. Wait, you’re putting Estonians on here now and not informing me?! You know this is my thang!

    That being said, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Maybe I should retreat to my obsessive crush on Rolf Roosalu and leave it at that for now.

    • LOL! I figured you already knew about Kerli! I’m sure there’s a Eurovision connection somewhere…

  2. Haha, what do you know! She was second last in one of the semi finals in Sweden in 2003, and second in the Estonian national final of 2004!

    2005 is when I really started paying attention to Eurovision, so I just missed her!

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