Jennifer Lopez to finish album this week?

I’ve grown old waiting for this album to drop.

Jennifer Lopez has been threatening that Love? album of hers for a year now but after switching labels and recently securing a career-lifting gig as a judge on American Idol, all signs are finally pointing to a favourable comeback.

The diva tweeted half an hour ago that she’s up in the studio this week putting the final touches on the record.

There’s still no release date confirmed as yet but being the clued-in industry lioness that she is, she’ll know to drop it when American Idol‘s heating up and not a moment too close to Britney and Gaga‘s releases.

Remember the album’s first single ‘Louboutins’? [Editor’s note: refresh your memory with the below awe-inspiring performance] Shit. That flopped so fucking hard it wasn’t funny. I’m actually curious to see what sound she leads with this time.

Several tracks have leaked to date, including the mind-blowing Wynter Gordon-penned ‘What Is Love?’ (which was eventually released on the Back Up Plan soundtrack) and ‘Everybody’s Girl’.


Season 10 of American Idol will air on 19 January.

All eyes will be on J.Lo but to me, there’s only one true diva on this show and it’s always been and forever will be Ryan fucking Seacrest.


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