Leak Report: Michelle Williams ‘If You Wanna Go’

This is bigger news to Feed Limmy than, say, Britney‘s appointment with a weavologist.

The most fabulous child of Destiny, Michelle Williams had made public that she recorded a whole album of break up mid-tempos and scrapped it in favour of what ya’ll now know as the electro urban surprise that is her 2008 Unexpected LP.

No part of me would wanna debate or question why she did that, whatsoever, but every now and then I do lie awake at night wondering what the record would’ve sounded like. The only track she had released from that era was ‘Stop This Car’.

Shit, that song was like my wardrobe to a Narnia of some lost mystical Michelle Williams album. Sonically, it was a total standout from the other Unexpected tracks and I must admit, I was a little obsessed.

Meanwhile, the interwebs has just coughed up a new leak supposedly from the said scrapped album. Check out the bruised ballad ‘If You Wanna Go’, reportedly produced by Stargate:

I’m gonna need a moment to brood with this. Leave a message after the tone.

Feed Limmy verdict: Bounce snap.

Snap legend
Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.

Hat tip to Pop Slags for the heads up.


I’m not surprised if Michy leaked this gem herself. She did tweet last month that when she gets to 100,000 followers, she will leak an unreleased track. I mean, surely if she’s gonna do it, she’ll do it loud and proud on her website.

Michelle Williams recently tweeted that she’s reported back to the studio for her fourth solo album.



  1. Maybe we have to run some sort of campaign to get 100,000 followers so Ms Michelle will give us the time of day. Meanwhile I listened to the song, I like to better than the only other song I know of hers.

    • She’s already got over 100,000 followers. I’m still waiting for some official free download.

  2. I so love that song. And thanks for mentioning “Stop This Car”, I completely forgot the ‘Unexpected’ album! Wow, that was one great album indeed.

    Does she have a new management team now? If so, I wish her the best of luck with the new album. Hopefully the Kelly Rowland situation won’t happen to her… so frustrating that Feyonce has now become such an overrated mess and those two are still in limbo. :(

  3. Michelle is definitely under new management now. She kissed Mathew Knowles goodbye a few months after Kelly did.

    Michy’s doing breakfast radio in the UK now, I believe! Evidently spending more time over there after her Strictly Come Dancing stint. Hopefully her new record would sound more “international” too.

    Poor Kelly. I wanted so much for this forthcoming album to be huge but the singles she’s dropped so far have all bombed. ‘Commander’ should’ve been a global success and I don’t understand why ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ is only limited to a US-release. That had global potential too.

  4. 1. LeToya is the best thing to ever come out of DC.
    2. I’m loving this song. It’s so sweet and subtle. It’s good to see a woman who knows how to do urban pop without screaming like an idiot banshee (BeYawnce).
    3. Unexpected <3 (an album BeYawnce could never make)

    • LeToya’s “Lady Love” speaks to the Hawtlanta Mama in me. Nothing the other children of Destiny can do will ever be sassier than ‘She Ain’t Got…’

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