Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Publicity Shots and News

Team Sony just sent around two brand new BritBrit publicity shots because they figured everyone’s B post could do with an updated image.

It’s good to see that they’ve sort of dealt with her infested weave situation but what’s with the covering of nose/mouth gestures? Did someone let off a silent and deadly one during the photo shoot?

There’s something very classy and vanilla about this shoot. Soft lighting, fresh linen… Britney‘s looking very clean and this concerns me a little because my eyes have gotten so used to the discoloured fingertips (thanks Cheetos addiction) and ill-fitting clingy Walmart wear.

Now for some important ‘Hold It Against Me’ talk/news:

‘Hold It Against Me’ has broken US radio records with most spins on its first day. According to Celebuzz, who quoted industry analyst Mark McCabe, Brit‘s new track had 595 spins on Monday – a record first for day-one radio plays. The last record holder was Mariah‘s ‘Touch My Body’, which got 498 spins on its first day.

‘Hold It Against Me’ went #1 on US and Australian iTunes within eight hours of its rush release. By the way, we can all thank the New Zealand iTunes for the early leak after they accidentally uploaded it to their store a day before its scheduled drop date. The track is now an iTunes #1 single in at least 14 countries.

This morning, there are rumours circulating that Brit‘s slated to perform at the Grammy‘s next month. Why the fuck won’t you make that happen? Her manager has already confirmed that Brit‘s been rehearsing the choreography for a month. We get that it’s for the forthcoming music video but why not bring it to the stage ASAP? Imagine that. It’ll be her first “live” TV performance in years.


Keep checking on The Prophet Blog and Poor Britney (two of Feed Limmy‘s approved premiere Brit stans etc.) for all the B goss as it tumbles out.


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