Ricky Martin ‘The Best Thing About Me Is You’ Music Video

Life-affirming choon for the ears and hunkiness for the eyes. This pleaseth Lord Limmy very much.

Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin drops his first English-language single in over five years ‘The Best Thing About Me Is You’ and while the song is a little too slow jam reggae filler for me, you can’t take your eyes off the slick video and its messages of equal love.

‘TBTAMIY’ – officially the ugliest acronym I’ve seen for a pop song in a while – features soul sista Joss Stone but if you’re of the Spanish persuasion, there’s ‘Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tú’ with Natalia Jimenez.

While there’s no hip grinding of any sort from the pop Adonis, here are three highlights we’re happy to settle for until he gets his groove on again:

1) The man is well fit and alright, still.

One glance and point from Ricky is enough to make my groins re-write and do a three-part acapella harmony to ‘SHe Bangs’.

2) A video with heart and soul.

Yes, I get how you might mistake this for a life insurance ad but serious face, y’guys. Ricky Martin is preaching the good word about love, equality and humanity here.

3) Equal love.

Ricky Martin: father, sex god, liberated homosexual and communicator of equal love. I like the sound of that.


‘The Best Thing About Me Is You’ is the first single off Ricky Martin‘s forthcoming Music + Soul + Sex album which will be released in both Spanish and English versions later in the year.

The LP is produced by major hitmaker Desmond Child who, amongst all the good shit he’s done, will always get my hat tip for giving the world Tina Arena‘s uhmayzeen ‘Soulmate #9’ and Margaret Cho‘s ‘I Cho Am A Woman’.




    • I don’t know… maybe it’s the absence of hip grinding and leather pants? Mmm… he’s a grown man now. Still a pretty fine daddy, if you ask me.

  1. I USED TO find him really hot… that was until about 2003 then somehow I just got turned off. Completely.
    But he is fine by all means, I have to say. I think it’s just that my taste has changed! :D

    And I think this is a great video but I’m just not feeling the song. That “Because I’m allergic to tragedy” line always annoys the hell out of me for some reason…

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