Leak Report: Keisha Buchanan ‘Under Control’

The wait is over for a taste of what Keisha Buchanan‘s been hatching in the studios.

There’s been talk of a solo album ever since the original Sugababe came off the band’s pay roll in 2009 but apart from that continent-shifting snippet of ‘Fearless’, we haven’t heard shit until this leak of a full new track.

‘Under Control’ is actually more fluoro pop than what I had expected of her. Think boppy melodic structures buoyed on flamboyant synths that almost recall that of the brighter songs on SugababesChange album. Check it out and tell us what you think:

Feed Limmy: Bounce snap.

Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.


No word on who’s produced this track yet and Keisha herself hasn’t confirmed whether this will be her debut single or not. However, she did acknowledge the leak on Twitter two hours ago:

“Pretty bummed about my track being leaked, But the response has been amazing!! Thanks so much. Even better 2 come:-) Album almost finished X”

Just know that when she hits back, none of the other ‘Babes would wanna be in the vicinity. It will be a massacre. Wigs will be all over the dressing room floors.

Meanwhile, Sugababes‘ label will drop the band’s second “best-of” package in the UK next month titled Push The Button: The Collection featuring highlights from their seven-album discography, sans any new recordings. Budget to the core.

Anything to keep these bitches on the shelves while Heidi, Amelle and Jade start on their first album together.



  1. It’s her “Song 4 Mutya”! :D It’s nice but I expect better things with the album. And by the way, she looks horrendous in that picture! Doesn’t look like her…

    • Hahaha, oh I was gonna ask. Yeah… I think she’s blonde these days, anyway? Not sure how I feel about that.

  2. She is?


    Well, the way I feel about it is the same way I felt when Nelly Furtado went blonde. Ick.

    Anyway, earlier I mentioned that this is her “Song 4 Mutya” and I just realized that “Song 4 Mutya” was also called “Out of Control” and this is called “Under Control.” Coincidence much?

    • Well, I don’t think this is anywhere as top rate at ‘Song 4 Mutya’. Keisha can wish hard and keep throwing them pennies in the well but ‘Out of Control’ is pretty much untouchable. In fact, anything Mutya does would be. Yep. I went there.

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