Leak Report: Kelly Rowland feat. Andre Merritt ‘Hangover’

This is not be the skyscraping future hit Kelly‘s producer was threatening last month.

Here the ever persistent child of Destiny teams up with Andre Merritt (the man who co-wrote Cheryl Cole‘s titan ‘Fight For This Love’ and that stale ass ‘Forever And A Day’) for a lean urban pop affair.

Stylistically, it does nothing to flaunt Ms Kelly‘s supreme vocal capabilities. Nobody said she needs to be wailing like a beached sea mammal on every track but after ‘Commander’, there’s kind of this expectation for her to follow up business with huge escalating choruses.

Had it been been recorded by the likes of Cassie or Kat Graham, ‘Hangover’ might not have turned out to be such a time waster after all. Take a listen and let’s hear your thoughts on this:

Feed Limmy verdict: Nonchalant snap.

Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.


Kelly Rowland‘s next single is tipped to be a track titled ‘Make Believe’. She’s currently scorching the charts on Tinie Tempah‘s latest single ‘Invincible’, which is positioned at #12 on the UK charts.




  1. The backing music weighs down its quality. It needs to sound sleek and sophisticated — something in the vein of Christophe Willem’s “Heartbox” or Benjamin Diamond’s “Fit Your Heart” — in other words: FRENCH HOUSE! The song simply doesn’t work with those banging, hard-hitting club beats.

  2. Love Christophe Willem! I was listening to an old mix CD in the car today and came across his version of Kylie’s ‘Sensitized’.

  3. Wowza! Really! So glad to know! He’s one of the very few male artists that I actually like.

    Do you like “Heartbox” too? I just love it to death. Such an immense song… and shame it wasn’t a bigger hit! It could’ve been his golden ticket for international breakout, but alas, he’s now a judge on the upcoming (? — I’m not sure…) French version of The X Factor. Boo.

    • I’ll look up ‘Heartbox’ now :) Judge on a talent show? Geez… how long has this dude been around? Gonna wiki. Haha

  4. Great recommendation, Adrian. Loving ‘Heartbox’. It’s very lush nouveau disco!

  5. Hey, so glad you like it Limmy!

    Well by now I think you should know that Christophe was the winner of Nouvelle Star — so he got to be a judge basically just like Cheryl Cole got to be a judge (well difference is he’s actually a great artist… :D)

    You would think that with “Heartbox” they would try to break him out internationally and they did — well, sort of. Actually last year the revamped, English version of his ‘Cafeine’ album was released, titled ‘Heartbox’ and it has 10 songs and he’s credited simply as Willem. Sadly it was only released in the Flanders part of Belgium (this according to the sources I found.) Well, so much for international breakout, as he’s just going to judge on The X Factor now.

    Still I find him very intriguing because I don’t know any other gay person to win that ‘Idol’ kind of show AND one who has managed to produce fantastic music of actual artistic merit from the get-go. It must be a French thing! lol

    And back to “Heartbox”… I agree a lot with your description. It sounds very early Noughties to me as well — if it was released in ’01/’02 it would have been a huge hit next to the likes of “Another Chance” by Roger Sanchez or Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, I’m sure.

    • Very good comparison to Kylie/Sanchez! It actually would’ve sounded like their love child.

      Must look out for the English version of the album. He’s got such a beautiful voice. Hope he continues to make music. Well, with a huge TV platform like a judging gig – there’s no reason why he shouldn’t exploit that.

      It has relaunched Ronan Keating’s career here in Australia!

  6. Well thanks! I actually became “aware” of music during the Euro-dance movement, so I’ll always have a soft spot in heart for that kind of music.

    And I agree, he’s such a great, unique singer. First time I listened to his “Double je” song, I thought it was a woman singing! Anyway I’m sure he’ll continue making music, I’m just a little dumbfounded that he would sign up for a judging gig at this time of his career when there’s potential for international breakout and all. Well I guess he’s more like Cheryl Cole than we thought… :D

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