Leak Report: Yelle ‘Safari Disco Club’

I’ll have you know that I’m getting lost up in a little French pop appreciation now commencing with Yelle and Christophe Willem.

Electro/dance band Yelle first came to my attention when I read an interview with the lead singer (and band’s namesake) last year but I didn’t formally inspect any of their choons until ‘Safari Disco Club’ popped up on my music trawl today.

You catch a feeling that these guys have somewhat of a cult following and the level of anticipation for their forthcoming sophomore album’s making groins tingle in the pop music blogosphere.

Check on the title track and lead single from their forthcoming Safari Disco Club album and tell us if this Crayola-tribal track tickles your fancy:

Safari Disco Club by YELLE

Watch for the eardrum splitting bit – 1:35.

Feed Limmy verdict: Bounce snap.

Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.

Believe it or not, Yelle will be supporting Katy Perry on her forthcoming California Dreams tour. Think Kitty‘s a certified fan – I mean, she did ask them to remix ‘Hot N Cold’ after all.


Grab your free download of Yelle‘s brill ‘Safari Disco Club’. The album is out internationally on 14 March.

Just so you know, I am completely open to any cool French electro pop of this persuasion – suggest away! Feed Limmy moar.


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