Alesha Dixon ‘Every Little Part of Me’ Music Video

How do you turn this shit around? Seriously.

Spare a Kleenex for Alesha Dixon. After all the hype about her newly Americanised sonics and the resurrected MC style, turns out, no one got up to buy the album! The Entertainer (which only managed to peak at #84 in the UK) and all its spawned releases so far have flopped hard. In fact, I’m actually surprised that she is threatening a third single.

Having said that, if there was a big enough song on file that could save this floundering project, it’ll be ‘Every Little Part of Me’. The pulsating pop piece is easily one of the catchiest tracks she’s done and better yet, it sounds completely current and bankable.

Check out three mini-cinematic moments in Alesha and Jay Sean‘s ‘Every Little Part of Me’ promo, which was shot in Miami:

1) Alesha the Traffic Stopping Siren.

Utter vision of perfection, isn’t she? The video itself is nothing elaborate but both stars look bangin’ rocking their respective complementary colours (green lights for Alesha and reds for Jay). Multi-storey car park, vehicles zooming, traffic light colours – I see what they’re doing now.

2) Somebody alert the authorities.

Catsuit, heels and hair flicks – this hawt bitch is giving me all kinds of fever. For someone who’s supposedly making away with a bag full of money, she’s not being very inconspicuously attired, is she?

3) Blurs.

I was gonna say something about Jay Sean but why bother when I can make a valid critique instead? Can we pull focus on the irritating overuse of blur effects in this video? I mean, come on, you know you’re overdoing it when the whole thing starts looking like a hazy ass Saturday night out through my eyes. Fail.


No news on when ‘Every Little Part of Me’ will be out or serviced to UK radios. Alesha‘s The Entertainer has disappeared off Warner Music’s Australian release schedule. Ba-bow! Shame, too. This song sounds promising.


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