Avril Lavigne ‘What The Hell’ Music Video

Ladies be clutchin’ their pearls hard because bubblegum rock vixen Avril Lavigne is back with a vengeance – sexier, more confident and possibly, just as bankable as she was in her heyday.

Director Marcus Raboy (the man behind Shakira‘s ‘Time For Africa’ and Sean Kingston‘s ‘Beautiful Girls’ videos) steers Avril through a mischievous man-dodging sequence complete with a getaway in a stolen taxi, flirting with ballers and running through a vintage clothes store before finishing up on stage where she belongs.


This is easily the biggest win I’ve ever given any Avril video and here’s three good reasons why you should too:

1) Body talk.

Avril Lavigne is in fucking fine form and she’s not afraid to hold it against you. When you see her sauntering about in her underwear, writhing in bed and pressed up against a dude – at no point do you feel like she is deliberately objectifying herself to get your attention. Notice that she’s rocking more of a cheeky confident stride, as opposed to striking provocative poses.

It’s almost like she’s saying, “I’m fit, I know it, and I want you to as well – but I won’t go out of my way to point it out.”

2) Product placements.

I know it triggers an automatic rolling back of eyes whenever we spot shit like this in music videos but if you look at it from the perspective of a global popstar who’s making a return to form, isn’t it at least reassuring to know that some big brands still see her as being bankable?

Most of the junk she’s spruiking here are albeit her own but product placements and brand associations have long been a reflection of a popstar’s status.

3) Irreverence.

‘What The Hell’ is a prime reminder of why radios love Avril and the video’s done the same, working hard to reposition her back into a pop market that has turned to Pink and Kelly Clarkson for their fix of irreverent pop/rock in her absence. The only concern now is whether the album – Goodbye Lullaby – can follow up the good work with more of this energy.


‘What The Hell’ debuted at #19 on the US Billboard Hot 100 last week with strong first-week download sales of 163,000 units. Here in Australia, it debuted at #40 on our digital track chart and was the fourth most added new song to radios last week.

The video leaked online hours before it’s scheduled US televisual debut during the screening of Mean Girls 2 on ABC Family.



  1. Just for curiosity, who writes the scripts for Avril’s Music Videos?
    More precisely, who’s the author of the script for “What the hell” Music Video?
    Any response will be appreciated.

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