Alexis Jordan ‘Good Girl’ Music Video

Somebody give Ciara and Kristinia DeBarge a light tap on the shoulder. Ya’ll need to see this.

Young Alexis Jordan is back with her second single ‘Good Girl’ and this time, she’s adding a little sass and hi-octane choreography to the mix. Check out the 18-year old in all seven of her different guises of good girl/bad girl and tell us if you’re feeling the vibe:

Class is in session, get out your books and observe the three wonders of Alexis Jordan‘s ‘Good Girl’ promo:

1) The crotch grab.

Ooh, no she di’nt! Oh, yes she did. She went there and she had both hands firmly pressed in before giving her woohoo a little jolt.

2) Hair flicks galore.

There’s definitely an element of Sasha Fierce ferocity and Ciara-worthy swag here. Gurl, I didn’t know you could get down like that! I’m well impressed.

3) The many faces of Alexis Jordan.

Good girl/bad gurl – she’s just flawless whichever the guise.


‘Good Girl’ is scheduled for a UK release on 20 February. Alexis Jordan‘s self-titled debut album is out the following week across Europe and at this stage, there’s no Aussie release date on the spreadsheet.

For what it’s worth, her breakthrough single ‘Happiness’ rose to a new peak of #3 in Australia this week. We’ll have to see how ‘Good Girl’ fares here first, won’t we?




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