Nicki Minaj feat. Drake ‘Moment 4 Life’ Music Video

Fairy tales, fireworks and a mansion fit for Mariah Carey‘s fabulosity – welcome to Nicki Minaj‘s fantasy world.

Here the defining hip hop artiste drops the video for her Drake duet ‘Moment 4 Life’ with all the Disney magic and props a heavy cash money flow can buy.

Director Chris Robinson (the man behind Alicia Keys‘ classic ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ video) pulled together a little Cinderella-esque narrative at the start to get you acquainted with Nicki and some of her alter egos. Crazy eyes alert!

Here are three important thoughts on Nicki‘s fairy tale ‘Moment 4 Life’ promo:

1) RuPaul was robbed.

Bitch loves the camera and her phony ass British accent so she was never gonna pass up this role to a legendary drag queen but just imagine if she did.

2) The cackle.

The Nicki Minaj cackle is the strongest force since the Holy Spirit itself. With one spring of joy through those loose jaws, young Nicki‘s cacklewaves can simultaneously disintegrate entire hip hop careers and send chills down the spine of haters. Be warned. I might just capture this moment for life and immortalise it as a gif file.

3) Prince charming Drake.

Swoons etc.


‘Moment 4 Life’ has to date peaked at #37 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and #7 on the US Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts. Nicki has also shot a video for another album track ‘Fly’ with Rihanna. Expect that to drop soon.



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