Rihanna ‘S&M’ Music Video

You think you know how this video goes but I bet you never saw ‘S&M’ like this in your head.

Reigning pop princess Rihanna teams up with fabulous music video director Melina (the woman behind ‘Rude Boy’ and Beyonce‘s string of B’day vids) for a colour-charged, provocative yet playful take on how S&M parallels with tabloid obsessions.

It’s easily one of RiRi‘s best videos yet and as expected, we catch her rocking various hi-glam interpretations of sadomasochistic activities. Visually, there is also a strong throwback to the camp and mish-mash fashions of the 90s here. Think: Spice Girls‘ ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ video.

Check out three brilliant moments in Rihanna‘s ‘S&M’ vidgeeoh:

1) Asphyxiation.

Pinned up and asphyxiated in front of the press. As reflected in true ‘S&M’ mantra, she’s getting pleasure out of the pain. Is the addiction to fame nothing more than a play in masochism?

2) Perez Hilton is everyone’s bitch.

This is a fact.

3) Voyeurism.

I like to watch. Lemme grab my popcorn.


‘S&M shot to #3 here in Australia this week, making it the song’s highest charting position anywhere in the world. Over in the UK, it has only so far peaked at #42 and on the US Billboard Hot 100, #53.



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