Zoe Badwi ‘Accidents Happen’ Music Video

Need we remind you that Australia’s crown princess of clubs – Zoe Badwi – has one hell of a track to follow up?

After the life changing success of ‘Freefallin’ – which not only topped the ARIA club chart but also became Badwi‘s first solo crossover to the main singles chart – she is finally back with another dance floor-ready pop number.

‘Accidents Happen’ sees the Melbourne singer front a reverse narrative structure that toys with fate and serendipitous themes. Turns out, Ms Zoe was supposed to lip sync a reversed version of the song for the shoot but it was scrapped after a commotion on set where her production crew was attacked by a neighbour in the area.

We’ve always known of Zoe‘s connection with her gays but I had no idea she could do a video that pretty much mirrored my life. Check out three fab moments where Zoe does what every good queen would if we were pressed in the same situation:

1) Strut and judge – all at once.

When shit like this break out on the street, I don’t get involved. Nothing breaks my flow when I’ve got my iPod on and I’m working a good strut to ‘Mission Is You’ etc. Gurl, keep walking and just ever so casually, throw the bitch a mean glare. Tip: don’t ever make eye contact with the assailant unless there’s police intervention and it’s safe to do so. That, my friends, is the definition of street smart.

2) Appropriately attired.

This is why it is of utmost importance that Zoe Badwi calls me before we hit the same clubs. The last thing we want is for some queen to turn up wearing the same thing.

3) The sexy glare.

I often clock cute guys on public transport with an inexplicably mean glare, like they’ve just stolen my seat or something. Maybe in my head I think this facial expression is the one to give them sexy vibes but really, as Zoe has demonstrated, glaring at a hottie is not cute. Nobody wins. He didn’t get off the bus to come after her. She’s still alone, sipping her latte. The screen fades to black. You get the picture.


‘Accidents Happen’ is now out on iTunes Australia. The single is also the second most added new song to Aussie radios this week and rest assured, dance floor sergeants, we can expect an album to be out later in the year.


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