Jennifer Hudson reveals “I Remember Me” album cover

Poor J. Hud. She’s had to wait in the corridor and flip through gossip magazines while I stumble over myself to post Gaga’s single cover first.

The Oscar-snatching warbler had to Twitpic her album cover in the very same hour Gaga posted ‘Born This Way’, so needless to say for some gays it was like choosing between your two diva mums. Note: nobody said it was a hard decision.

In any case, here comes mami, flaunting her trimmer figure and letting you have these spectacular firm arms that’ll send you weeping to your personal trainer.

The rich purple tones are a little reminiscent of Fantasia‘s Back To Me album artwork but let’s not get hung up on that shit. If you’re itching for a sass-off between these bitches then you really should revisit their epic wailz on ‘I’m His Only Woman’.

Fanny: “Hai, Jennifer… I’m Tony’s gurlfriend. I don’t mean to call and no disrespect…”

Jenni: “Wait a minute. Tony’s GURLFRIEND? Apparently, you got the wrong number because I’m Tony’s woman. His only woman, that is.”

Fanny: “Well obviously that’s what he’s been telling you but I’m calling right now to formally introdeushh myself…”

Jenni: “Did you say introduce yourself? Well, I don’t need no introduction. I am his woman and I *am*Jennifer Hudson. If this was ten years ago, I’d be at yo’ front door ready to whoop yo’ ass. But y’know, I’m too grown for that. I ain’t got nothin’ else to say.”



Jennifer Hudson‘s sophomore album I Remember Me is out 22 March in the US. She’ll be performing her new single ‘Where You At’ for the first time on Oprah this Thursday, make sure you catch that.


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