Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” album update

I’ll do the right thing and state dates that have been specifically confirmed for the Australian market so ya’ll can mark your diaries accordingly.

The legendary Britney Spears will drop her eagerly anticipated seventh studio album Femme Fatale here on 25 March. The Jonas Akerlund-directed music video for ‘Hold It Against Me’ will premiere on Brit‘s VEVO page on 18 February.

Just to set some kind of crescendoing hype for the video debut, Team Britney has been uploading one five-second-or-so trailer every day as a little countdown to the full premiere.

Here’s a quick recap so far… eight more days to go, bitches:

Pretty sure I let out a gay little scream on the fourth one…

In Femme Fatale related news, there’s been murmurings on Twitter from two producers du jour on their level of involvement with this project. There’s William Orbit (whose CV boasts ace productions for Madonna‘s Ray of Light etc.) who explained yesterday that his contribution didn’t make the cut, and then there’s Will.i.Am who gave word on finishing a “smash” for Brit.

What William has to say:

“The Britney thing. Look, I went to a writing camp at Teresa’s. Had lovely time. Word got out. Assumptions were made… Dr Luke is exec prod and he locks in locks out whoever he likes. And (do i hear u ask) where B’s at in all this? I surely don’t know. Did a song w Klas Ahlund, who wrote ‘Piece of Me’. And is killa. But not on FF apparently. But a good song is a good song regardless…”

Then Orbit One started preaching to the choir re: the disposability of Brit‘s music, or at least, that’s what I got out of it:

“Gotta say, to me, a tru singa just wants 2 sing all the time. But some are only up for it till their mojo cranks out. Some things are of the moment. And a few months beyond. And some r forever. U know that in your heart. So if u’all could ease up on the Brit Q,s Don’t ask me, I’m not the glitz guy…

Really, this is going to be a fab album. Whichever way, it’s going to be anotha part of the Britney legend. I shulda said nothin… don’t worry, is going to be fine. U’ll be jumpin up n down and singing. Britney is the best. And her prods. It is what it is, lol. [sic]”

What Will.i.Am has to say:

“The song I did with britney is ganna be crazy fresh. from the super bowl to the studio workin on a mega smasher. can’t wait till its done. [sic]”

Femme Fatale is gonna slay in a way that a Britney record should. Gurl, the beats better be fresh and current, but not too prosaic and familiar. She needs to push the boundaries but not too far that it alienates the masses. It’s a fine line but I have a feeling this will be a return to the ferocity of her Blackout era.


Femme Fatale is out in Australia on 25 March. Check on Britney‘s VEVO account on 18 February for the world premiere of the ‘Hold It Against Me’ video.


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